(Harry styles fanfction) Emerson is going to London with her sister Emma, for Emma's birthday. Emerson runs into someone she's loved since the day she layed eyes on him, well a poster of him. She's seen him in videos and tv, but what happens when she meets him? Will she keep it cool? Or fan girl? Find out and read this fanfic. (Chances)


2. Harry?!?

We finally got to the airport! My sister and I took a seat on the seats next to the café. We luckily still had 10minutes before we had to get on the flight. "Hey Emma?" I said. "What?" She replied. "Well I was wondering if you would get me a tea from the café?" She glared at me and looked back at her phone then back at me again. "Why don't you get of your lazy bum and get it yourself!" She yelled. "Fine!" I yelled back. "Get me one too!" Emma yelled to me. "No!" I yelled in a victory tease. As I walked up to the Café, I smelt the coffee brewing. The warm heat filled my body with warmth. "How can I help you?" The lady at the front counter asked. "Can I get a tea please?" I asked. "If course! Any sugar?" She said politely. "2 packs please." "Ok coming right up!" She said. I waited there enjoying all the warmth coming at me. "Here ya are love." She said handing me my tea. "Thank you." I said walking away. "I got the t-" I was pushed to the floor. My tea all over my jacket. Burning my skin. "Ahh!" I screeched. "I'm so sorry! Are you alright?" He asked. I got up holding my chest. "I was till n-" I stopped again. His green eyes captivated me. "Oh uh yeah I'm fine." I said. I looked at his face. He Seemed so familiar. DING! The light in my head went off before I realised I was in front of Harry flipping styles! I tried not to fan girl. I sucked it up and just stared into his eyes. He stared into mine as well. "The flight to London will be boarding in five minutes!" The lady at the front desk said. After the interruption harry and I stopped staring at each other. "Well I hope your alright." He said. "Y-yeah it's no biggy! I didn't like this shirt anyways." I giggled probably sounded like an idiot. He chuckled. "Well I gotta go." He said. He walked off. Oh. My. God. We boarded the plane and I put my head phones in and started to play my music. When suddenly. Your hand fits in mine like its made just for me. Little things came on! I listened. And then Harry's solo. His voice vibrated through my body. I can't believe I met him. And heard that sexy raspy voice that I heard in his music solos. I listened to 4 songs when I realised I had to go pee! I got out of my seat and walked to the bathroom. Ugh someone's in there! I couldn't take it any more. I had to go! I walked up to the 1st class bathroom. Seriously someone's in here to. "Would you hurry up in there!" I yelled. The door opened revealing the same beautiful green orbs.
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