The Triwizarding Games

When Professor Snow, Principal of Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and Wizardry, announces the return of the Triwizarding tournament after 100 years with some slight adjustments, the students all hope for their chance to fame, however, with only a 50% survival rate to the losing teams is there more to this than meets the eye?

(so I know the cross over competition is over but it just gave me so many idea and so I thought I would write one anyway)


3. Kreaper

Kreaper the house-elf stood in the corner of the hallway facing the gargoyles that guard to the headmasters office. Although he was in plain view he was invisible to any of the passing students. Most of the wizarding community believed that house elves had their own type of magic including invisibility. It was often a joke amongst the house elves. The reality was that the witches and wizards were so preoccupied with their own lives that they weren't observant of their surroundings. "how typical" he thought bitterly, "they choose to grant us with ridiculous powers rather that realize the disabilities of their own kind."

Kreaper stood watching and waiting as his master had commanded. Had he been standing there for days or simply hours? He didn't know. He had been given a task by his master and would not move until it was done, otherwise he would bring shame to himself, his family and his kind. His thoughts were interrupted by a smell. He lifted his egg-shaped head to the hair and inhaled deeply with his long pointed nose. "Half-blood?" he mused "no, perhaps a pure-blood and a Mudblood?" It didn't matter it was dirty blood anyway. He stood quietly and watched as a slender girl with golden hair and quite a large chest approached follower by a tall muscular dark-haired boy.  "Definitely a Mudblood" thought Kreaper as the girl walked right past him and he got a strong waft of her putrid scent.

"Wait! I don't think you are thinking this through" said the boy. "No I know exactly what I'm doing" replied the girl.
"no" said the boy sternly "you are just upset."
"You read the letter yourself Gale. Rose is dying and mum can afford for her treatment. I need to do this. She is my little sister and it's my duty to always take care of her"said the girl as her shoulders slumped in defeat. "Grace... What if you die too" replied the boy, " are right Rose is dying, how do you think your mum will cope if you both are gone" replied the boy carefully. The girl opened her mouth to speak then closed it again looking like some sort of fish. "I know you think you are much smarter than me but I have actually thought this through" said the boy, "I have 5 other siblings if the worst happens to me, well then that's one less mouth to feed... But if I can win, well then I can change all their lives forever" finished the boy as he looked the girl straight in the eyes. "I understand" replied the girl, "but I can't just let my sister die... So you need to understand too" and with that she took out her want and swept it through the air in front of the sign up sheet for the Triwizarding Games. Her cursive writing stood for a few seconds before it turned into neat printed writing on top of a Ravenclaw watermark. With that she turned and walked quickly in the direction she had come leaving the boy standing behind her speechless. Then boy then quickly wrote his name on the sign up sheet and left the same way.
Kreaper smiled to himself. "perfect" he thought "master will be most pleased... Filthy Mudblood" and with that he hurried down the winding corridor in search of his master. He had completed his task. They now had 2.

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