The Triwizarding Games

When Professor Snow, Principal of Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and Wizardry, announces the return of the Triwizarding tournament after 100 years with some slight adjustments, the students all hope for their chance to fame, however, with only a 50% survival rate to the losing teams is there more to this than meets the eye?

(so I know the cross over competition is over but it just gave me so many idea and so I thought I would write one anyway)


2. Grace Potts

Grace Potts sat in the empty classroom waiting for her charms class to begin. She was often early to class as she was a little bit of a loner and didn't have many friends to stop her in the corridors on the way to class to slow her down. She didn't mind though, it gave her time to practice and was one of the reasons she was so advanced at magic for her age, especially for her upbringing. She was a muggleborn and her success at witchcraft was one of the reasons she failed to make friends... especially with the Slytherins. She sat absentmindedly muttering charms and causing birds to appear out of the end of her wand. She was just arranging the birds into a circle by swishing her wand in a circular motion when she felt a tap oh her shoulder causing her to drop her wand. She looked on angrily a her birds vanished into puffs of smoke. " Gale! I have told you 100 times not to startle me like that!" she yelled as she turned around to face her childhood friend. "I'm saving you from a swarm of attacking birds" He smirked at her and mussed her hair fondly. Gale thought everything was a joke and it frustrated her to no end, it had been the same since she could remember, even to their first meeting, before Hogwarts. Gale had stumbled across her reviving dead flowers in a garden. "You shouldn't be able to do that" he had said, "Normal people cant do that!". She had always known that and was so afraid that someone now knew her secret that she had started to back away and cry. " Hey its ok" he had said sweetly and grabbed her hand, leading her back to the gardenbed, " Im special like you see," and with that he touched each of the flowers she had revives causing them to wither and catch fire. he had looked at her smirked and then ran off laughing. She had been so angry at him that she had waited 2 whole weeks before she found him and asked why they were both able to do these things. And there he sat in front of he right now with that same stupid smirk. " Im going to do it" he said boldly brushing his dark hair out of his green eyes. " Do what?" replied Grace absentmindedly as she began to conjure birds again. " The Games of course stupid!" yelled Gale beaming, astounded by her response. "You are kidding right" she stared at him in disbelief. "Nah, it will be great eternal fame and fortune, it sounds awesome. You know what else would be awesome, if we were both on the Hogwarts team together! i could be brave and you could be smart, we would make the perfect team!" he sat down on the chair to her right and leaned back smugly, proud with his logic. "Yeah, it will be great when one of us dies." she replied sarcastically. "Ha" said gale loudly "That only happens if we lose, and when have you known me to ever lose!" "Typical Gryffindor" she muttered under her breath. And he was, she had heard some of the girls in the Ravenclaw common-room talking about how brave and hansom he was as a seeker on the Gryffindor Quiddich team. "Fine" he said deflated "I'll do it without you then, but you still should, you would be great at it. Especially with all those spells you know. I..." was all Grace heard before he was cut off by the loud chatter of students as they entered the classroom to start their charms class.

That charms class had been particularly boring as Professor Radish had spent most of the class discussing the dangers of disjointed wrist movement in charms, even Grace had found herself yawning with the rest of her classmates.  As she walked towards the potions classroom for her next class she couldn't help but overhear the conversations of others. "Imagine what you could buy with 1000 gold dragons" she heard Gale say loudly to some of their classmates. She often found herself wondering why Gale still bothered to talk to her when he was obviously so popular amongst the other students, surely talking to such a loner and nerd as herself wasn't great for his image. "Hey Grace, wait up!" yelled Gale as he ran to meet her. " I forgot to tell you before i got an owl from mum this morning." Grace's heart sank. Gale's mum  and her own had become fast friends once they realized they lived in the same street and their children would be attending school together, however, as Grace's mum was a muggle, she wasn't really comfortable with sending messages via and owl so Gale's witch mother was in charge of relaying all messages to and from Hogwarts. "oh yeah" replied grace carefully " anything interesting" she smiled halfheartedly but one look at gale proved he could see right through her facade. "well...we...look maybe we can just talk about this after class ok?". Grace looked hard at his face and all she saw was the pity his big green eyes couldn't help but give away. She hated pity. She could deal with anything but pity. Her face hardened and her shoulders stiffened. "Fine" she said coolly turning on her heels and striding towards the classroom. " Aw Grace" she could hear Gale yelling behind her, "..don't be like that, I'm just the messenger" he ran up to her puffing and grabbed her closest hand forcing her to stop and look at him. Sometimes she forgot just how strong he was. Gale stared at her hard "How about we just ditch class and talk about it now then?". Grace looked over towards the potions classroom they were almost there."I've never missed a class before" she said quietly, a deep blush creeping over her face. "Seriously?" laughed Gale " I hardly went to a History of Magic class last year" he added proudly.
" I know, I was your assignment partner" replied Grace sternly, but a smile escaped her lips anyway. " well, you need to live a little and now is a perfect time to start" he laughed as he pushed her softly in the opposite direction

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