New Kind

Dakota is the new Cullen family child. At 19 years old, no ones knows she is a Cullen/Black. She loves One direction.... a lot, but will 1D find what she is and fall for her or will the vultory find out first? Read to find out more.


2. The day

          Well, it's 4 and half days until 1D come to Forks, Washington to perform  but, I still haven't got the temptation for blood down yet, but the temptation for meat is done and gone . I still love meat, but dad says , " We eat small animals. No big animals  especially HUMANS!!!!" I would love to drink human blood or meat but then the vultory will find me and i would be punished miserably like when I go to store with mom, I could see every vein and artery that every human has , so, my fangs pop out . To get my fangs to retracted, I would drink of a blood package hidden in my sleeve, so no one will notice. I hope I don't end up having a 1D fangirl die because of blood drainage. Please I hope I act like a normal 19 year old Directioner.

                 Niall's POV

        We have finally arrived in Forks, Washington for our 9th or 10th West coast concert. It surprised me when there were no fans screaming and waiting for us here.That was a relief. Once we unloaded off the jet, we got into the van and drove to the place we were staying. They kept saying that we were staying in a house in forest called Cullen Territory. I thought that it was a myth that the Cullen clan lived in that forest with a couple of the nearby wolf tribe members, but that was all false.

       I began to think that no one lived here but my thought was wrong. We slowly went past a house with glass windows more than walls. As we got closer to that house, a beautiful girl was sitting on the porch looking so bored that she put bored into boredom. I thought For a girl who was bored she was pretty. She finally noticed me and right when our eyes met, she darted inside looking weird.

        Eventually, we arrived to the house we were staying. It looked a lot like the last one but less glass windows, more walls. We hopped out of the car and took our luggage with us into the house with us. We were told where our rooms were. Once, I put my luggage in my room, I meet the lads downstairs.

         "Hey mates. Did you see that girl from earlier?" I asked

          " Yea. I know i did . I'm going to meet them. Who wants to come?" Louis asked. We raised our hands to come with him. So, we walked out of the house and walked to our neighbors. We walked because it was a 10 minute walk.

                   Dakota's POV

        I sat on the porch until I see a van full of really cute...... humans!!!!!! They were all staring at me. I met eyes with a boy with blond hair with brown roots. I took a whiff of the air and i smelled human cologne. My eyes began glowing red. I felt pain in my eyes , so I darted inside.

           " There are humans on our Territory!!!!!!" I screamed with fear. Alice came running in at full vampire speed. She must have noticed my eyes because in a flash she was back with a blood package.

         "Here. Drink it. Now tell me . When did you see them?" Alice asked. I transferred when i saw them through my thoughts to Alice's thoughts.

       "Wow. Just stay calm and act human towards them because they are coming." Alice said. I guess everyone heard Alice because they were all here in the matter of seconds. They all looked pretty shocked to hear that. Mom jogged to me. She grabbed me by my arm and dragged my father and I into a nearby room.

       "Who were the humans, Dakota?" Mom asked.

        " T-They w-were...... One Direction." I managed to say. I froze just thinking and talking about them.

        "Okay. I want you to stay behind me. I also want you to put to blood package in your sleeve so, they don't think you are a vampire." Dad told me. I did as what he said about the package. So, i stuffed it in my sleeve.

             Jacob's POV

     Humans!!! On our territory!!! Well at least, I hope my daughter won't fall in love with one of them. I was snapped out of my thoughts when the doorbell rang. Dakota stood up wincing in pain, walking behind me still wincing. I guess the wincing was because the doorbell is a high-pitched ring and with her extremely sensitive ears didn't agree with each other. I was snapped out of my thoughts when we reached the door with Dakota behind me and Nessie next to me. 

        "Hi, I'm Louis. This is Niall, Liam, Harry, and Zayn."guessing Louis said. He pointed to each of them while saying their names. They shook our hands except Dakota. She goes crazy if a human is too close or touches her. So, I go with what they did.

      " Hi, I'm Jacob. This is my wife, Renesmae, my daughter, Dakota, Carlisle, Esme, Bella, Edward, Alice, Jasper, Rosalie, and Emmett." I said pointing to each of them as their names were said.

          Niall's POV

    There's the girl that we saw earlier today. I wanted to shake her hand, but she wouldn't come out from behind a tall, tan dude.


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