Vampire Detectives (Vampire/ One Direction)

*One Direction Not Famous* Lilly Thompson, Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, Niall Horan, Liam Payne and Zayn Malik are detectives with a secret. They are vampires. They got hired because of their fast skills and finding out murders in about a day or so.

When Lilly finds out Lola. They figure out that the murder is a hunter and is going after every girl vampire. When Lilly, Harry, Louis, Niall, Liam's and Zayn's friend Amelia gets killed. Lilly tries harder to find out who the person is.

When they learn that Lilly will be next in the few up coming murders they have to protect her. When Harry and Lilly fall in love everyone starts to get better. Until the hunter shows up... Well you just have to wait and see what happens.


2. Calls

Liam's POV

I wanted to be the first into work. I got there and saw Lilly at her desk sleep. Was she here all night? Did she even go home?  The boys ran in. Louis screamed. He had to buy tea's

"Shh..." I said.

The boys got to there seats quietly.

"Lilly sweetie" I said.

Lilly didn't move.

"Lilly" I said.

"Leave me alone" Lilly moaned.

"Lilly" I said again.

Lilly woke up. "What?" She asked rubbing her eyes.

"Did you go home last night?" I asked.

Lilly nodded. 

"Why are you here?" I asked.

"Harry knows" Lilly said.

Harry looked at me. "About the person. I told you it might have been the wrong number" Harry said.

"Yes because I interrupted you having sex" Lilly snapped.

"Okay what did the person say?" I asked.

"Nothing he was breathing in the phone and then hung up" Lilly said.

She stood up and walked over to the board. 'Killer calls their victims.'

"Lilly that isn't a lead" Harry said.

Lilly looked at Harry. "It's the only one we got" Lilly snapped.

Harry's bimbo walked in.

"Hey babe" Harry said.

Lilly rolled her eyes. We all did the same. She looked hurt. Did she love Harry? No she couldn't have. Could she?


Lilly's POV

"Is that the slut who interrupted us last night?" The bimbo asked.

Harry nodded, "Yeah" He said. I got mad.

No, no she isn't a slut. I looked at Harry and blew the base up behind.

"Jesus" Harry said.

Liam pulled me out. "Why did you do that?" Liam asked.

"No reason just Harry being a bastard. He didn't care someone was in my house last night" I snapped.

Harry walked out. "Are you crazy?" Harry snapped.

"I know you are" I snapped.

Liam walked into the room.

"Just go back to your girlfriend alright. I don't need this. I thought you the least of all people would help me. But no. You wanted to go back to having sex" I yelled. 

Harry's eyes showed sadness.

"Just leave me alone" I snapped. I walked off and checked Lola's body.

She was a vampire.

I ran into the room. "Guys" I said.

"What" The boys said.

I pulled them out even Harry. "Lola's a vampire" I whispered. 

Their eyes grew big. "But who would rape a vampire?" Liam asked.

"Maybe it wasn't rape. Some hunters have been known to kidnap the vampires they are killing" I said and Harry looked at me.

"Maybe a hunter was in your house last night" Harry said, I crossed my arms.

"Now you care" I said and turned to the others.

"What are we going to do?" Louis asked.

"Stay low. No more sex Harry" I said. 

Harry frowned, "You can't..." "Harry listen to me do you want to get killed or not?" I asked cutting off Harry.

Harry sighed, "No alright." He walked in.

The girl walked out confused and left. 

"You used combustion on her" I whispered.

Harry nodded.

Louis slapped Harry, "Ow" Harry said rubbing his arm.

"You know not to use your powers on humans" Louis said.




I got home. I kept getting calls all day. The boys came with me. My phone went off. I answered it and put it on loud speak. I put a finger over my mouth.


"Hello" I said.

There was breathing again.

"Anyone there?" I asked.


the person hung up again. 

"See" I said.

The boys nodded. "Alright so the person knows where all the girls are" Liam said.

I nodded. My phone went off again.


"Hello" I said.

"Hey Lilly" Amelia said a little.

"Hey Am, what's wrong?" I asked concerned.

"This guy keeps calling me" Amelia said.

"What does he do?" I asked.

"Breaths and then hangs up... I am" Amelia screamed.

"Amelia" I said.


The line went dead. Amelia is a vampire and my best friend. I went to run. Harry grabbed me and held me back.

"LET ME GO" I yelled. 

"No he wants you to alright" Harry said.

"But its Amelia" I cried.

"I know it is but we will catch him and put him in jail" Harry said.




The next day we got called for the murder. It was Amelia. Tears fell.

"I'm sorry" I whispered.

Niall took photos.




We got back to the station after investigationing. She has no family either. I was her only friend along with the boys. I punched the desk. Louis stuck up Amelia's photo. Harry wrote. 'Murderer stalks his victims.' I sat in my seat. I grabbed a knife and stabbed the table. Harry looked over at me and sighed. He walked up and took the knife out of my hands.

"Hey" Harry said.

I looked at Harry, "What?"

"It wasn't your fault" Harry said.

"How long did Amelia get calls for?" Louis asked.

I cried.

"Louis" Harry said shaking his head.

Liam told him. Harry hugged me. I cried in his shoulder. Harry rubbed my back.

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