Vampire Detectives (Vampire/ One Direction)

*One Direction Not Famous* Lilly Thompson, Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, Niall Horan, Liam Payne and Zayn Malik are detectives with a secret. They are vampires. They got hired because of their fast skills and finding out murders in about a day or so.

When Lilly finds out Lola. They figure out that the murder is a hunter and is going after every girl vampire. When Lilly, Harry, Louis, Niall, Liam's and Zayn's friend Amelia gets killed. Lilly tries harder to find out who the person is.

When they learn that Lilly will be next in the few up coming murders they have to protect her. When Harry and Lilly fall in love everyone starts to get better. Until the hunter shows up... Well you just have to wait and see what happens.


1. Murder Victim 1

I woke up. My alarm going off. I hit my alarm and sat up. Hey guys I am Lilly Jane Thompson. I am 20 1/2 years old. Well actually 600 years old. I am a vampire. My parents got killed in 1912 by hunters. Along with my sisters and brothers. I have long brown curly hair and blue eyes. I got up and dressed for work. If you are wondering I am a detective and I love being one. I work with 5 boys also vampires. The other detectives we work with thing we have good skills. They don't know we are vampires. That's about it.


I got to work. I ran in. I got to my desk. We do this game the last one in has to get tea's. The boys ran in. The last one was Harry.

"Haha" Louis said.

"Oh dang" Harry chuckled.

He walked out. 3 minutes later. Harry walked in. We all grabbed a cup. Our phone went off.

I answered. "Hello... Yup on our way" I said.

I hung up. "We have a murder" I said.

The boys nodded. 





We got to the scene. We stepped out and walked up.

"Her name is Lola Evans. She's 18 and her parents live on top of the hill" A man said.

I nodded. I kneeled down. "She was shot" I said.

"Looks like rape gone wrong?" Liam said.

I nodded and stood up.

"Liam, Zayn and Louis stay here. Harry and I will go up to the house" I said.

The boys nodded. Harry followed me. We got to the house. I rang the doorbell. A lady answered the door.

"Can I help you?" The lady said.

"I am detective Lilly Thompson and my co-worker detective Harry Styles we have news about your daughter" I said.




We were sitting in the lounge.

"Mrs and Mr Evans when was the last time you saw your daughter?" Harry asked.

"Umm... A few days ago... She went to a party and said she was sleeping over" Mr Evans said.

"Does she have any ex boyfriends, friends anything like that?" I asked.

"No. She never had a boyfriend" Mrs Evans said.

Louis walked in.

"We better go. We will tell you more when we find out more okay" I said.

Mr and Mrs Evans nodded.

"Will you catch the person who did this?" Mr Evans asked.

"Of course" Harry said.

I nodded.




We got back to the station.

"The last time the family saw Lola was a few days ago. She went to a friends party. So it would have happened that night. Because she was sleeping" Harry said.

The boys nodded.

"We have to interview all her friends. But how?" I said.

Harry brought out a book, "Harry" I said. Harry smirked.

"Vampires are sneaky remember" Harry whispered.

I grabbed the book. 




Harry and I were interviewing Lola's friends. The boys were watching.

"Alright Hannah when did you see Lola last?" I asked.

Hannah looked at me.

"Well she was talking to this guy and told me she was going outside for a while" Hannah said.

Harry looked at me. "What was the guys name?" Harry asked.

"Ryan something like that" Hannah said.

Harry wrote the name down.

"Didn't you know all the people at your party?" I asked.

"I told my friends to bring friends. It was a end of year 12 party" Hannah said.

I nodded. After we interviewed Lola's friends. Ryan came up in everyone we talked to.




We got into our area. I wrote on the white board. Ryan.

"So Ryan was talking to Lola at 7:15pm. So we put the rape or whatever happened around 8-10pm" I said.

Liam nodded. "That gives Ryan 2 hours. But she fights I am guessing" He said.

"He grabs a gun to scare her and bang" Louis said.

I looked confused.

"We have to work out where the rape was and ask if they heard anything" Zayn said. 

"Lola" Harry said.

I looked at Harry.

"It doesn't sound right. No one said that Lola left the party. Maybe she went to see him off. And someone else took her after he left." I said. I looked up Ryan.

Liam helped since he was an expert at computers. Ryan came down in 2 hours. Liam and I interviewed him.

"Where were you at the party a few days ago?" I asked.

"Yes why?" Ryan asked.

Liam got the photos out.

"Do you remember this girl?" Liam asked.

"Lilly yeah" Ryan said.

"She was murdered" I said.

"Murdered by who?" Ryan asked. 

"We don't know we are working it. When did you see her last?" I asked.

Ryan looked down than at me.

"Well we kissed for a while and then i got picked up. That was 8pm" Ryan said.

I nodded and wrote it down. We were back in our room. "Okay Ryan left at 8 so it was after that then" I said.

The boys nodded.




It became late.

"We better get home guys work it out tomorrow" Liam said yawning.

We nodded. "Bye guys" I said.

"Bye" The boys said.

We went to ours cars and drove off home.

I got to my house and walked in. I heard a window smash. I turned and I ran vampire speed up to where I heard the smash. No one was there. I got down stairs and the phone started to ring. I grabbed it and answered it.


"Hello" I said.

All I heard was breathing.

"Who is this?" I asked.


He hung up.

I got scared. I ran to Harry's place. I knocked on the door. I kept knocking.

"Hold on" Harry shouted. Harry opened the door.

"Lilly what's wrong?" Harry asked.

"Someone broke into my house and I got a call and all I heard was breathing" I said as fast as I could.

"Whoa slow down and tell me" Harry said.

"Someone broke into my house. Well left my house. About 3 minutes after i got a call and all I got was breathing on the other end" I said slowly.

"Was it tracing you?" Harry asked.

"I don't know" I said.




I got to the station and walked in. Since I didn't want to go home. And well Haz had a girl over. I kind of interrupted their sex. Whoops. 

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