Wrong Number

*ring ring ring ring ring* Hello?
it is usually awkward when you dial the wrong number but in this case Alison dialed the right one when she dials the cell phone number of the famous Harry Styles. Where will this adventure take her? Will she fall for him? Will he fall for her?


4. The Concert XD


The lights dimmed, and the venue filled with girly shrieks and screams from the fans awaiting the boys.  The first notes of “Kiss You” started to play. On the overhead screen words started to pop up. Welcome….. You have been invited to join…… Liam….Niall….Harry….. Zayn…..Louis….and their friends…..at their summer beach party…….do you accept? The crowd let out a scream. Well then get ready!!!

The boys then came running out and sang “Kiss You.” Karissa and I let out a scream when we saw them. They were interacting with the crowd, dancing around, and joking around with each other. Karissa and I were singing along with them. We were so close to the boys I wonder if they can see us.

The next song they sang was “Rock Me.” They got very sexual during this song. It was hilarious. Louis was hip thrusting; Karissa was going crazy every time he did it. Karissa has this huge crush on Louis. She thinks he is so funny and adorable. I think they would make a cute couple since they both love joking around and acting like idiots.

They finished singing “Rock Me” and they introduced themselves.

“’Ello everyone! We are One Direction! I’m Liam!” “I’m Niall!” “I’m Zayn!” “I’m Louis!” “And I’m Harry!” Harry was standing right in front of me. He is so close I could reach out and touch him. Harry looked down and looked right at me. A smile formed from ear to ear and his eyes lit up. He was looking directly into my eyes and he mouthed the words I found you. I smiled.

“Ready lads for the next song?” Liam asked.

The next song started to play, “She’s Not Afraid.” This song was one of my favorites.  Couldn’t help but smile from ear to ear. Harry left to go to the other side of the stage. While he was gone I danced around with Karissa. Harry came back over and he sang to me and the girls around me, but he mainly kept eye contact with me.

The song ended and the boys joined each other center stage. “Are you all having fun??” Louis yelled. The crowd screamed in response. “Well we are gonna slow it down a bit.” Niall said. “But first we are gonna choose five lucky girls to come join us up here on stage!” Harry said. The crowd let out another scream. Liam, Niall, and Zayn went out into the audience to choose someone. Louis and Harry stayed onstage to choose someone close to stage. They both scanned the crowd then Harry whispered into Louis’s ear. They both started heading in our direction.

My heart started doing back flips in my chest. Karissa had her hands grasping the ties on her shirt as her eyes followed them. Harry and Louis stopped in front of us. Harry reached his hand out to me, I took it and he pulled me onstage. We both smiled at each other. I watch Louis pull Karissa onstage too and whisper something into her ear. A huge smile spread across her face and she nodded.

Liam, Niall, and Zayn came back onstage with one girl each. “Okay so what are your names?” Liam handed the microphone to the first girl, “Cici,” she passed the microphone to the next girl, “Sam,” she passed it to the next girl, “Megan,” she passed it Karissa, “Karissa,” and she passed it to me, “Alison.” I handed the microphone back to Liam. “Such pretty names.” Louis said. “Well girls take a seat.” We sat down in the chairs that the stage crew brought on for us. “Now for ‘Little Things.” Zayn said taking Cici’s hand and pulled her out of her chair.

Zayn sang his part to her. He traced the freckles that were on her face and it made her blush. Then he sat her down when his part finished. Liam took Sam by the hand and pulled her out of her seat too. He turned her to face him and made her dance with him. She was smiling uncontrollably when he went to sit her down.  After the chorus it was Louis’s turn to sing. Louis took Karissa’s had and led her down stage a little bit. He looked her straight in the eyes and placed his forehead on her’s and sang his part to her.  She stared back into his eyes; she was smiling and was bright red. When his part finished they stayed where they were.

Then came Harry’s turn, Harry took my hand and led me to the spot next to Louis and Karissa. He did the same thing Louis did to Karissa; he placed his forehead on mine and stared deeply into my eyes. I now understand why she was acting the way she was. I looked into Harry’s eyes, they are such a beautiful shade of emerald green, they twinkled and I couldn’t remove my gaze I was hypnotized. When Harry’s part finished Louis and Harry led us back to our seats. So Niall could sing to Megan.

Niall danced with Megan during his part. Then Harry put his hand on my shoulder and sang his part to me again. Then for the final chorus where they all sing they led us to the line they like to stand in. So it was Liam and Sam at the end stage right next to them was Louis and Karissa, then Zayn and Cici, then Megan and Niall, and on the end stage left was me and Harry. When they sang their final note they planted a kiss on their girl’s cheek.

The crowd screamed. By the end of the song all 5 of the girls including me were bright red blushing. Never in my life did I ever imagine this happening! It did happen.  They led us back to our seats. “Give it up for Megan, Sam, Cici, Karissa, and Alison!!” Niall said. The crowd let out a scream. Harry whispered in my ear before helping me down, “See you later love. Don’t forget.” He winked at me then helped me down to my seat. Then the concert continued.

The boys sang more of their songs, read some tweets, and goofed around a lot. Their encore song was “Summer Love.” Then the show ended and everyone started to clear out. Harry had told us to wait till the majority of the people cleared out and that he would send someone to come get us. So we waited and waited.

We watched a man head in our direction, “Excuse me! Are you Alison and Karissa?” We both nodded. “Can you come with me please? I am Paul. Harry sent me out here to get you two. We nodded again and followed him backstage.

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