Wrong Number

*ring ring ring ring ring* Hello?
it is usually awkward when you dial the wrong number but in this case Alison dialed the right one when she dials the cell phone number of the famous Harry Styles. Where will this adventure take her? Will she fall for him? Will he fall for her?


7. Shenanigans!!! ^-^

Alison’s POV

“HEY KARISSA!!!!!” Harry and I were waiting in Toys R Us for Karissa and Louis. We finished our shopping early so we rode the Ferris wheel without them. We had joked around, got food, took tons of pictures, and shopped. We both had stopped at a vendor and bought matching bennies! They were tan colored, without the ties, and made to look like bears. There were two pom poms for the ears and the mouth and the nose were just different colored fabric. We were both wearing them.

“What up slut!!!??” Karissa said when she hugged me. We normally call each other names like slut and whore. We don’t really mean them we are just that close to each other that we can call one another that and the other won’t get offended.

“Well Harry and I were just thinking of buying a Nerf gun for each of us, you, Louis, Niall, Zayn, Liam, I and himself. Then we would go back to their hotel and have a huge Nerf gun fight!! How’s that sound?” I said.

“OH MY GOD I LOVE IT!!!” She was jumping up and down. “Let’s do it!”

We picked out Nerf Guns for everyone then went to check out. The whole car ride to the hotel we talked about who would be on whose team and who would win.


We barged into to hotel room once Louis opened to door.

“Zayn, Niall, Liam!!! Get your butts out here!!!”  Louis screamed from the front door. Liam, Zayn, and Niall came running from their rooms to the main sitting area. Their hotel room could be called an apartment house each boy had their own room and there was a kitchen and a sitting area. Once they all were standing around Louis threw the Nerf Guns at them. “Harry and I, Niall and Alison, Liam Karissa and Zayn. Ready, set, GO!!!” No one needed an explanation of what we were supposed to do we all just jumped into action.


It was down to Karissa and Niall. We all watched them from behind the kitchen counter to avoid getting hit.

Niall jumped out from behind the sofa when he spotted Karissa try to get into one of the bed rooms. He shot a dart at her and she fell to the ground.

Louis charged over to Karissa’s side, “Kris are you alright…SPEAK TO ME!!” Everyone started giggling at his antics.

“Lou is that you?.......I think I see the light”

“Don’t leave me now Kris!” We all were laughing really hard as they joked around.

“Hey who wants to watch a movie???” Harry screamed.

“No Harry this isn’t the time for movies!!!” Louis screamed as Karissa laid “lifeless” in his arms.

“We can order ice cream from room service.” Liam smiled.

Both Louis and Karissa jumped up, “Yay ice cream!!!” and they sprinted over to the room phone to order some.

(Sorry everyone I've been REALLY busy! I've been getting ready for senior year and then packing to move to a new place with my mom. I hope you like this chapter I will be adding more today hopefully!!- Sara ^-^)

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