Wrong Number

*ring ring ring ring ring* Hello?
it is usually awkward when you dial the wrong number but in this case Alison dialed the right one when she dials the cell phone number of the famous Harry Styles. Where will this adventure take her? Will she fall for him? Will he fall for her?


2. Hurry Up Already!!!


Today is the day of the concert! And it couldn’t go by any slower.

I was staring at the clock on the classroom wall, listening to my teacher go on and on and on about some boring subject. Forty- five minutes left.

My mind was elsewhere fantasizing about the concert.

Karissa was picking me up from school. Her mom booked us a hotel room so we could stay the weekend. We are going to stop at my house so I could pack then my aunt is going to drop us off at the train station. This weekend will be the best weekend ever!

If only the bell would ring sometime soon!

I took my phone out of my pocket to check if I had any messages.

Hey! Ali what you doing today!? x – Hazza

I’m going to NYC with Kris to see a concert and we are staying there all weekend! :) –Ali

Wow! Really? I’m going to NYC too! – Hazza

Really!? Awesome! Maybe we will see each other! ;) – Ali

I hope so! ;) What concert are you going to see? – Hazza

Don’t make fun of me…….I’m going to the One Direction concert – Ali

Really? Me and my friends are gonna be in that area- Hazza

Wow seriously? Awesome! – Ali

Yeah! Then we might just see each other! – Hazza

“Alison!” I shot my head up from my phone. “Will you please pay attention and read page 98 for us.” I did as my teacher said. When I finished I texted Harry back.

Sorry Hazza gotta pay attention to class. I’ll text you when I get out of school. Bye! :) – Ali

I put my phone back into my pocket and went back to staring at the clock. Five minutes left!

I zoned out for the rest of class.


I snapped back to reality when the bell rang. I grabbed my books and shoved them into my bag then ran out of the room to my locker. I threw my unneeded books in my locker. I am so happy none of the teachers gave us homework this weekend! That means more time to hang out with Karissa and explore New York City!

I ran outside to find Karissa in the parking lot waiting in her car. I jumped into her car and we drove off blasting the music all the way to my house.

We made it to my house, “Hurry up and pack!” Karissa said.

“Okay! Come with me and help me pick out some outfits.” I opened the door to my house, “MOM I’M HOME! KARISSA IS HERE TOO!!” She yelled okay from her office and went back to what she was doing.

I ran to my room, “Quick grab some food I’m starving! Meet you in my room!”

Karissa made a b-line for the kitchen to grab some food, “The usual?”

“YES PLEASE!” I yelled from my room.

I took a suitcase out of my closet and sat on my bed waiting for Karissa to come up with the food.

Karissa and I are really close for cousins. We balance each other out, she is the type of girl to stay on the safe side, not get in trouble, protective sort of girls; whereas I am the type of girl who’s a little crazy and isn’t afraid to try something new. You know how in television shows they have the angel and the devil on the person’s shoulder? Karissa would be the angel trying to guilt you out of doing something and I would be the devil trying to guilt you into something. Funny thing is Karissa is older than me, but I’m taller than her.

I took my phone out and texted Harry.

Yay! Out of school! Time to pack for the weekend getaway! – Ali

Yay! Have fun! I have to go my friends and I have to do stuff.  Talk to you later love! – Hazza

Karissa came into the room with our favorite goody, ice cream! Yummy!

“Here! Boo bear!” She handed me a mug and she sat on my bed.

“So I was texting Harry during school and apparently him and his friends are going to New York City too this weekend.”

“Really? Well then I guess we have to creep! Like us girls do!” She had an evil look on her face as she laughed. When it comes to creeping on someone Karissa is the master.

“Okay! Let’s do it then!”

We finished our ice cream then we started packing.

I finished packing and we started to head to the train station.


We unlocked our hotel room and set up our stuff.

“The concert starts at 7pm at it is 5pm now so we should start getting ready.” Karissa said.

We did our hair and makeup. We didn’t put on too much make up not wanting to completely stand out and look like whores. Karissa curled her hair and I left mine natural since it is naturally curly. I put on my outfit that Karissa bought for me (http://www.polyvore.com/alison_concert/set?id=70253330) and she put on her’s (http://www.polyvore.com/karissa_concert/set?id=70257452). I put my camera, phone, and money into Karissa’s bag.

By the time we finished getting ready it was almost 6:30pm.

“We should get going now. Ready Alison?”

I nodded and we left the hotel for the walk to the venue.


We got to the venue there was a line of girls outside already. So we waited in line to get in.

I got my phone out of Karissa’s bag to find a way to keep myself occupied while we wait to get in.

Hey you at the concert yet? x –Hazza

Ya actually we are. We are waiting to get in. – Ali

Cool! I’ll come find you! – Hazza

Wait what? You are here? – Ali

Yup! What do you look like so I can come find you!? – Hazza

Are you sure you are not a pedophile or a rapist? o.O – Ali

I’m sure this 19 year old boy is not a rapist or a pedophile – Hazza

Nice one. Fine I am wearing……here I’ll just send a picture. - Ali

“Karissa! Harry is here he wants to try and find us. Take a picture with me!”

We took a picture together and I sent it to Harry.

Don’t we look pretty? Hahaha –Ali

Yes you do! Haha okay I am sneaking around – Ninja Hazza ;)

Hhahaha don’t get caught Ninja Hazza :P – Ali

I won’t and I think I see you guys shhhhh -  Ninja Hazza

I looked around to see if I could see him but then I remembered I don’t know what he looks like.

“Hey Kris!” she looked up at me from her phone.  “ Harry apparently sees us help me look for some dork acting like a ninja trying to be all sneaky.”


We scanned the crowd from someone who was trying to be sneaky but wasn’t really. We saw no one acting like this.

You must be very good at playing hide and seek – Ali

Nah. Look for a boy with a beanie, tan pants, sun glasses, and a black hoodie on…….. wow that sounds really sketchy  - Hazza

Hahah nice – Ali

“I think I see him!” Karissa pointed to a boy with the exact description Harry gave me.

I see you – Hazza

We watched him head in our direction…..then he stopped.

Can you come here I can’t get any closer to the crowd – Hazza

That’s weird but sure – Ali

You’ll understand – Hazza

“Come on Kris we have to meet him half way.” She gave me the “that is not such a good idea” look. “Don’t worry! We are in a crowd of people someone is bound to see us be taken away if he tries to.”

“Fine but I’m keeping my eyes on him.”

We walked out of the crowd of girls toward Harry. The closer we got to him the bigger my smile got.

“Um…..Ali….. I think I recognize that beanie.” Karissa said.

Karissa was right I have seen that beanie somewhere before.

“Hello love.” He removed his sun glasses to reveal a pair very familiar emerald green eyes.

You have got to be joking. This is a prank. Where are the people that jump out and say “You’ve just been pranked?”

Harry was not just any Harry. My Hazza was the one and only Harry Styles.

Pinch me I am dreaming!

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