Wrong Number

*ring ring ring ring ring* Hello?
it is usually awkward when you dial the wrong number but in this case Alison dialed the right one when she dials the cell phone number of the famous Harry Styles. Where will this adventure take her? Will she fall for him? Will he fall for her?


3. Harry Freaking Styles


“So Kris do you still think he is a pedophile?” I chuckled.

We stood there wide eyed looking at him for a couple second. He put his sunglasses on so no one will recognize him.

I look at Karissa, her mouth was wide open.

“Kris snap out of it!”

“Karissa……Earth to Karissa!” said Harry.

“KARISSA SNAP OUT OF IT!!!!” I yelled.

“NO I DON’T WANT TO! THIS IS HARRY FRE-“Both me and Harry shoved our hands over her mouth to keep her from starting a mob of crazed, horny fan girls.

“Calm your fucking tits Karissa!” I said. We took our hands off her mouth.

“NO!” Karissa said with a straight face. “I will not calm my tits!” Then she stuck her tongue out at me.

“Okay then…..” said Harry with a weird look on his face.

Both Karissa and I laughed.

“Don’t worry we do this to each other all the time.” I said.

“Okay now that she is calmed down. Sorry for not telling you earlier I didn’t want you just to be friends with me because I was famous.” He said.

“Alright, fair enough.” I said. Karissa nodded in agreement.

“Oh shit girls I gotta go, the show is about to start. Do you guys wanna come back stage after the show?”

“Are you kidding me!?” I said.

“We would love to!!!” Karissa said trying not to freak out.

“Okay wait a bit after the show, okay?”

Karissa and I nodded.

“Yay!” I jumped up and hugged him.

Harry wrapped his arms around me, picked me up, and spun me around once before setting me back down.

That was so cute! I have never had a guy do that to me, other than my dad when I was little.

“Got to go now bye! See you two soon!” We watched Harry run away to the door that led backstage.

“Ali come on we gotta go take our seats!!!” Karissa tugged at my sleeve.

“Okay!” I said, “Where are we sitting anyway?”

“FRONT ROW BITCH!!!!!!” We both squealed and ran to go take our seats.

The concert began.

(sorry short chapter but the concert is gonna be a long one :) hope you like the story so far!)

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