I need love

Miranda gets abused by her dad and runs away till she ran into someone.
First fanfic please no hate.


2. The escape

I found out how to escape. My window is unlocked so I opened it then claimed down the wall. I was going to go to Maryanne's house, but I figured that would be the first place he would look. So I went the other direction when I felt some one grab my wrist " do you need a pace to stay " he said. " no I'm fine " oh come one my name is louis tomlinson, I am in the band one direction. What's your name " louis said " it's Miranda, please let go " " no, I'm taking you inside and you can stay with me and my buds for awhile " louis said " ok " I said while he was walking me in the house and showed me my room. He seemed very nice and his friends sounds like their nice too.
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