Valentines Day Miracle

Caitlind Monrie has spent every Valentines day alone for the past 17 years. She has watched all her friends spend every year with someone, but no-one ever asks her. Will the year of 2013 be her year? Will she finally have someone to call her own, the day before that special day? And will this someone be one of her idols or will she mess this up for fear of getting hurt?


1. Are You Serious?

"Caitlind wake up, today is the big day!"

"Just 5 more minutes" I roll over and pull the covers over my head.

"Nope, today is your birthday, and we are going to celebrate in style" my best friend Amber sings while opening the curtains to my bedroom window.

I slowly push off the covers and get out of bed. I try to walk downstairs, but me being me, I trip, fall and roll into the kitchen. I slowly stand up and walk over to the calendar to mark off another day, meaning it was the day before the worst day of the year… Valentine’s Day.

Ever since I was old enough to know what a boyfriend was (13) I never got one. I watched all my friends go through every Valentine’s Day with a boyfriend/girlfriend. This made me more depressed every year since I was 10, when my parents died. When I was younger I always shared Valentine’s Day with my parents, we would be each other’s valentines. But when they were murdered during a robbery at the local corner store, I have never been the same. A few days after the incident Amber’s parents became my legal guardians.

“Caitlind, CAITLIND!”

“What?” I shout back breaking out of my trance.

“Do you even remember what we are doing today?” Amber asks tapping her foot impatiently.

“My party?” I shrug and look innocent.

“NOOOOO! Today is the One Direction Concert remember? The one we had our first plane trip all the way to Sydney for?”

I looked back at the calendar shocked, and sure enough it was marked with a small cut out picture of One Direction on today’s date.

“And the concert starts at 7:30pm and it’s now 10am, so we have to get ready and go now!!!” We both rushed breakfast and went to go get ready.

I wore red denim shorts, and a loose one direction top, converse shoes with my favourite superhero, batman, on them. My hair was up in its usual ponytail with my side fringe left out. No make-up.

Amber had gone with bright blue skinny jeans, a One Direction tank top, vans shoes and had her hair down natural, with some natural make-up.

We rushed around grabbing things we need for the concert, then drove to the venue. When we got there we saw hundreds of others already waiting, and hundreds more arriving. We ran to the end of the line and waited.

* * * *

5:30pm arrived and we saw a big black van arrive, by this time there were thousands of screaming girls. Suddenly One Direction stepped out of the van waving to everyone. We were all in awe, everyone was screaming, but I just stared at my favourite member Niall Horan. He must have felt me staring and turned, looking directly at me *I think*, and winked. Quickly I turned away blushing. But when I looked back they were gone.


* * * *

2 hours later and we are finally inside and seated. Thanks to Amber’s dad we were able to buy sixth from the front VIP tickets. Sadly even up this close I need my glasses, so I put them on ready for the concert.

We were all waiting patiently chanting their name when the lights suddenly went off and a big screen flashed, showing pictures and videos of each member and talking about them. We were all quiet, when One Direction ran onto the stage and started singing. Everyone went wild, while I tried not to go deaf and enjoy the concert at the same time.

“Caitlind your poster!!” I could just hear Amber yelling over the noise, so I quickly unrolled the poster I had made for Niall and held it up in the air just as they finished their third song and started talking. My poste read ‘Hi Niall, How R U?’

“Yeah right like Niall would notice that nerds poster,” the person standing next to me on my left sneered. Just as she said that I saw Niall point to my poster.

“Hi to you to, and I’m great thanks for asking,” Niall waved and then continued talking with the boys.

“He only did that because he feels sorry for her; I mean what kind of person asks a superstar how they are?” the girls friend snickered.

“A deadbeat moron, that’s who.”

“I tried not to cry, the insults just kept coming. Finally I couldn’t take it anymore.

“Amber I’m gonna go to the bathroom, I’ll be right back,” I slid past her down the row, until I finally made it to the walkway between sections. I made it to the staircase that led out just as One Direction started singing Little Things, my favourite song. Sadly me being me I just had to trip up the stairs, when I did so, everyone surrounding me laughed. The laughter was so loud you could hear it over the music. But thankfully I got up and out of there quickly and shut the door behind me, I could just hear Niall sing his part of Little Things. I couldn’t take it anymore, all the mean things that girl said came back to me in a rush and I brock down beside the door crying, curled up in a ball.

After about five minutes I heard a door open down from me and someone rush out of it. That someone quickly walked past me obviously looking for someone. I was about to ignore him when I realised who it was. Niall Horan. What was Niall doing out of the concert when it hadn’t finished yet. Suddenly he turned around and saw me, he looked relieved and walked up to me and sat down next to me.

“Hey, are you alright?” he asked placing his hand on my back, rubbing it.

“Yeah, I’m fine, just getting some air,” I, regretfully, lied to him.

“I heard what those girls said, it wasn’t very nice. Why don’t you come backstage with me for the rest of the concert?” he seemed so nice, just like everyone said he was.

“I don’t know my friend is still in the concert… Wait why are you out here; you’re supposed to be in there singing!” I realised.

“The guys are fine; I don’t have a solo in this song or the next. And does your friend also have VIP pass like you?” he lifted up the pass hanging around my neck.

“Yes she does.”

“Well then we will see her after anyway, and so she doesn’t worry we will tell her where you are with the microphones ok?” he stood up and offered his hand. I gladly took it.

“Ok.” We walked to the door he came bursting out of before, with me explaining why I was out here, and went through it. We took a series of winding turns until we could see the stage from beside it.

“You wait her for the rest of the concert, and I will see you afterwards.” He winked at me then left me there blushing tomato red.

After the concert all the boys came running out dripping with sweat. I quickly got up from the seat I found during the concert, and stood there like an idiot.

“Ummm, guys, who is this?” Liam asked looking at me confused as to why I am backstage.

“Oh, guys this is???” Niall looked at me for a name.

“Caitlind Monrie,” I offer my hand an all the boys shake it, but Harry kisses it like the flirt he is.

“So, why is she here and not out there?” Louis asked.

“Two girls beside her were calling her names and putting her down, then did you hear all that laughter?” he asked them.

“Yeah?’ they all said.

“Well that was her tripping over on the stairs, she ran out the door and I followed her after Little Things.”

“When you ran off stage?” Zayn asked.

“Yep. I found her in the hall crying, so I told her that because she has a VIP pass, she could hang here for a bit and meet her friend in the meeting room afterwards.

“Nice move Horan,” Harry high-fived him.

“Well we have to get changed now. PAUL!” Louis boomed.

Paul came jogging, “yes?”

“Can you take Caitlind to the meeting room with the rest of the girls please?”

“Sure, follow me miss,” he turned around and led me through more winding tunnels until we came to a door. You could hear chatter from the other side. Paul pushed the door open and we walked inside. All heads turned in our direction. Amber came running up to me hugging me, the mean girls pushed their way through the crown to get to us.

“Where were you? Off having a little cry like a baby?”

“Actually,” Paul cut in. “ she was talking to One Direction,” with that he turned around and walked back out the door.

The mean girls walked right up to me.

“If you ever speak a word to those boys again, I will make your life  living hell, I have ways of finding where people live.” And with that they turned around and walked back into the crowd.

I let out the breath I had been holding in and went over to a chair in the far corner and slumped down.

“Don’t let them get into your head ok?” I just nodded in response while Amber went to talk and wait with everyone else after me reassuring her.

Finally One Direction walked into the room, as soon as they did all the girls rushed at them, except me. I looked down, and forced myself not to cry. I felt a presence in front of me so I looked up. Niall Horan was in front of me looking as confused as I felt seeing him there.

“How did you make it out of that crowd?”

“I got pushed out, not many people like me,” he looked at his shoes with a sad look in his eyes.

I stood up. “Hey don’t be like that, I know lots of people who think you’re great,” I slowly lifted his head to look at me. He smiled that amazing smile that I had learned to recognise just from a picture of his mouth

“Hey, what are you doing talking to him?” It was the mean girls. “I thought we made it clear before.”

“Made what clear?” suddenly all the boys were standing in front of me and Amber rushed to my side.

“That she wasn’t allowed to talk to you otherwise I would make her life a living hell.”

“That seems mean to me,” Louis towered over her and was looking down on her. “Leave now.” He pointed to the door. Both girls gave them disgusting looks flipped their hair and walked out the door. The room erupted with cheers and clapping. The boys turned around to face us and gave me and Amber a big group hug, which appeared to be walking out the door.

Once out, the door it shut behind us and we all let go.

“Oh, guys this is my best friend/sister Amber Montgomery,” all the boys shook her hand and Harry kissed it while she stood there blushing.

“So girls, who’s your favourite member?” the asked posing in front of us like superheroes. Both Amber and I laughed at that but answered anyway.

“My favourite is Harry,” Amber blushed furiously, while Harry looped his arm with hers.

“What about you Caitlind?”                          

“My favourite is… Niall,” he lept over to me and linked arms with me.

“Second favourite?” Louis, Liam and Zayn asked.

“Zayn,” Amber announced proudly, so Zayn got Amber’s other arm.

“Louis and Liam equally,” I laughed. Liam and Louis looked at each other and both tried to grab my arm, but Niall moved me closer to him and the ran into a wall.

“Why doesn’t Louis take my arm and Liam take Louis’s arm?” They did exactly that and we all walked down the corridor to the exit and into their big black van.

“Wait where are you taking us?” I asked curious.

“Hey Paul, can they sleepover in our apartment?” Louis bounced up and down in the front seat.

“Sure, but no funny business.”

During the ride we played 20 questions and got to know each other really well. It felt like we had been best friends forever.

We reached the hotel and stepped outside. Amber and I stood the with our mouths open in awe. It was the Intercontinental Hotel.

Niall came up to me and closed my mouth for me.

“You could fit a car in that thing Louis said trying to investigate my mouth before Niall closed it. We went inside and it was amazing, but sadly we didn’t get to stand and stare, we were rushed into the elevator by security.

We made it up to their room and blocked the doorway.

“You do realise that the whole point of a room is that you go in and enjoy,” Zayn gave us a gentle push through so that they could go in. As soon as they could enter they went into separate rooms and flopped onto their beds.

Amber went with Harry and Niall practically dragged me to the couch and turned on the TV.

Niall turned around to face me and turned my face to him with his index finger under my chin. “Um, so Caitlind, I know we’ve only just met, but it feels like I’ve known you forever, so what I’m trying to say is. We have one more concert here tomorrow, Eleanor is coming down and we get tomorrow off, so I was wondering if you anted to be my Valentine this year?”



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