I would love to be able to start this story of on a good note but it isn't going to happen. My name is Darcy Styles. Yes I am the daughter of a world famous band member. The Harry Styles is my father. But I wish he wasn't. I came into this world when my mother and father were 16, big mistake.


3. Chapter 3

Chapter 3

It took about an hour and a half to get to the holiday house. Luckily the key was still left under the door mat from the last time Dad and I were here. When we got inside Blair and I went upstairs to the biggest room in the house that had one queen sized bed which we would share. Blair and I would always sleep in the same bed when we had sleepovers so its nothing different. We were having a normal sleepover like we told out parents but they dont know where we are and hopefully not for a long time. We both went and sat on the bed cross legged while looking around the room "Why now?" Blair asked. "Im just sick of everything! Dad is always grumpy and upset, you never see a smile on his face after.. mum. I know their band isnt as big as it was years ago but they still have attention. Like when we go outside there are always press wanting to know how we are about the loss or what we are up too! And then the hate I get on twitter for no reason! Im just so stressed!" I broke down crying. Blair pulled me into her grip. "Shhh its ok. We have each other to look after. At least nobody knows where we are and we wont get as much attention" she tried soothing me. I pulled away when my phone dinged meaning I had a text. I took my phone out of my pocket and it was from Dad. Really! Why does he have to be so over protective and always want to know everything. Blair was peering at my phone wanting to know who had texted me. "Dad" I said with no emotion. I opened up the text and read it out. "Hey Darc, I was wondering when you were coming home because you have been out an awful while! Dad x" "So what are you going to text him back?" Blair asked. "n e v e r" I said while typing it into my phone *Send* "How long do you thik we will be able to hide here for. you know without our parents finding out?" "Well the way my father thinks pro-" Ding Ding. I looked at my phone and read out the text. "Darcy where are you? Im coming to pick you up!" "Im nowhere father. No need to worry about me. Or Blair :)" I read out what I was typing and Blair nodded in agreement to send it *Send* "What were you saying before about your father finding us?" Blair asked. "Well it may take my dad a day or maybe even weeks so we will have to wait" Ding Ding. I picked up my phone and read it to Blair. "I just called Louis and Eleanor and they said that you two were having a sleep over here! And you guys are not here! So Aunty El and Uncle Lou are here now!" I typed in "Please just leave us alone for a couple of days. we are old enough to live by ourselves without you guys around" *Send* Then I switched my phone off. I turned to Blair "Well im going to go for a quick shower! You ok here?" Yeh im fine! Ill just have a look around and see what food we have." "OK" I walked off to the bathroom which had towels, shampoo and conditioner. Everything we really needed. Once I got in the shower I couldnt stop thinking about our parents looking for us. What if they are out looking for us now. Or if they call the Police! Wait what can the police do? yeh they can find us and force us home but its not like leaving home is illeagal. and this is our family holiday house, we wernt breaking in! I decide to wash my hair while I have the time. I got out of the shower and wrapped my towel around me and grabbed some clothes from my bag in the bedroom. I chucked on my onesie and walked down stairs to find Blair with her head in the fridge. "I take it there is no food?" I asked chuckling to my self after seeing her with her head. in the fridge! She pulled her head out and turned around. "No. But I think there is a shop around the corner" "Ok well lets go buy some food!" I ran upstair to grab my wallet and phone- wait dont need that. I put my phone in a draw and raced back down stairs with my wallet. "Leggo!" I yelled pointing to the door.

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