I would love to be able to start this story of on a good note but it isn't going to happen. My name is Darcy Styles. Yes I am the daughter of a world famous band member. The Harry Styles is my father. But I wish he wasn't. I came into this world when my mother and father were 16, big mistake.


2. Chapter 2

Chapter 2

It was a Sunday morning and Dad was in the lounge room watching football so I decided to get my escape underway. I packed everything I needed into a big gym bag and placed it in the garden outside my window. I opened my door to see my Dad starring at me from the lounge "what?!" I asked in an angry tone. "nothing. where are you going?" He whispered as I walked to the kitchen to grab a water out of the fridge. "If it is any of your buisness im going to church. Problem?" I bit back. "No, just go" he answered turning the tv up. I took one last look at my father and turned for the front door. Gosh it was freezing outside! I went around to the side of the house to grab my bag. Well acturally it was my life for now. I decided to run to Uncle Louis' and Aunty Eleanor's to see their 16 year old daughter Blair Tomlinson, my Best Friend. Blair and I have been friends since we were babies. We became best friends at 5 when my mother passed away. She looked exactaly like Aunty El. When I got to their house I stood outside for a minute, I put on a fake smile and knocked on the door. I could hear footsteps from indie getting closer untill Uncle Louis opened the door. "Darcy!" he said excitedly. He gave me a huge hug which then I couldn't breath. "Um Hi Uncle Lou, is Blair here?' I asked while being led inside. "Hi Darcy! She's in her bedroom" Aunty El answered while walking around the corner. I nodded and started to head to Blairs room when i was interupted. "Darcy love, why do you have that bag?" Uncle lou asked pointing to it in my hand. Great. What do I say. Umm. "I was coming to pick up Blair and we were going to go to the church to drop off some of my old clothes for people in need." Yes that was a pretty good answer! "Ok.. Well be back before lunch so we can feed you two" Uncle Lou says unsure of my bag. I walk up to Blairs door and swing it open. "IM HOME!" I yell. She jumps almost falling off her bed. Thats my normal greeting to her. "Really Darcy! Are you trying to kill me!" she says while getting up to give me a hug. While we are hugging I take the chance to tell her "It's time" she pulls back knowing exactally what I was talking about. When we were 9 there was a little beach house that was vacant where our fathers and Uncles made their What Makes You Beautiful video. So Blair and I decided that when we wanted to move out we would move there. Dad bought it as just a holiday home but he didnt know that Blair and I had been planning to move there. Blair went over to her cupboard to get her bag she packed a while ago. We then walked out of her room to say good bye to her parents and leave for the 'Church'. We walked into the kitchen when Uncle Lou asked Blair the same thing. "Blair what are you doing with the bag?" Shit. I hadn't told her my excuse I used. "Im going over to Darcy's for a sleep over so we wont be back for lunch" Yes! You go Blair! "Oh ok! Is your father ok with that Darcy?" Uncle Lou asked "Yeh. He acturally recomended it. We are going back to mine after we stop by the church to give these clothes in" I reply with a fake smile on my face. "Ok well I will see you two tomrrow!" "Bye Dad!" "Bye Uncle Lou!" we yell back while walking for the door. Once we get outside we walk to the buss stop. I turn to Blair "are you ready to start over?" "Ready as ill ever be!"

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