now i have someone to love

Sophia had a hard life. Ever since her mom died when she was 4 her step-dad Charlie abused her. When she decides to run away, she runs into 5 guy, One Direction. What happens when two of them fall for her? Will this break up the band for good? And what happens when Charlie comes looking for her?
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*also read moments- a niall horan love story by Kmwdancer13*


8. the wedding plans and the wedding

*Sophia's POV*

*3 months later*

It was a month before Niall's and Kathryn's wedding. None of us could wait. Today me, Kathryn and Shelby were going to the dress shop to pick out a dress for Kathryn to wear at her wedding as well as the braids maid dresses. When we got to the store i went over to a dress and picked it up. "i love it" i said looking at Kathryn and Shelby to get their approval. Shelby just shrugged her shoulders. "i don't really like dress shopping" she said. "we will find a dress you do like then."i said putting the dress down and heading off into another aisle. we picked out a lot of dresses then headed off into the changing room. "Guys, i think i found the one." Kathryn said walking out of her changing room. "oh my god!" me and Shelby both said looking at the dress. "it's beautiful" i said in awe. "we still have to find a dress." Shelby says while trying another one on. she comes out. "it looks great on you." i said wearing the same dress. "You look good to" Kathryn says to me looking satisfied. We change back to our normal clothes and head towards the check out. "We still have so much to do for your wedding" i said to Kathryn as we go towards the car. in the car ride we blasted music and sang along to it. When we pulled up to the house all the the boys were sitting on the couch on their phones. we went over to them and sat next to them. I sat next to Harry and Louis. I felt both of them staring at me i looked at them. They were blushing. "Sophia, can i talk to you in the kitchen for a second?" Zayn asked me already pulling my hand. I got up and walked over to the kitchen with him. "You know Harry and Louis both really like you right?" "yea i know. I kinda like them too but i don't know which one to like." i said looking at the floor. "Well, you kinda need to make up your mind because i don't want this to break up the band you know?" i nod still looking on the floor. we both head back to the living room. Kathryn and Shelby tell me to come into Kathryn's room to make more wedding plans. It took two hours but we finally finished all the plans. We got popcorn and hot chocolate. Now we were just sitting on the floor talking. "so Sophia, have you made up your mind about who you like?" Kathryn asked. "Not really i mean they are both so perfect. Louis so cute and funny and he protects me but Harry's the same way and they both like me because Zayn told me that earlier so now i don't know what to do i need to spend time with both of them alone to make up my mind i think." I say. "I have an idea." Shelby said getting up. when Shelby comes back and she tells us "we are all going out for a while except you and Harry, then another day you will spend time with Louis that way you can make up your mind." Shelby says pulling Kathryn to leave. I smile and get up as well. Harry was downstairs making waffles. "hey Sophia  want some waffles?" he said smiling and blushing. wow he really does like me i thought to myself. i take a plate full of waffles and sit at the table with Harry. We started talking. He was really cute and sweet. We went to the living room and he turned on a scary movie. I get scared really easily. I cuddled into his chest. He held onto me. when the movie was over he looked at me "you okay now?" he said looking at me. "Yea much better, thanks for holding me" i said smiling. "anytime." he said winking. Just then everyone else came back. "How was your time together?" Liam asked walking through the door. "We had a great time together." Harry said smiling. 

*1 month later*

It was finally the day of the wedding. I woke up and headed downstairs. "good morning Sophia." Liam said handing me a plate. I go over to the stove. There was eggs so i took some and then sat at the table. "today's your big day" i said looking at Kathryn. She looked worried. Niall came over to her and rubbed her back. He whispered something into her ear which made her smile. I had this gut feeling that today something was going to go bad but i couldn't tell anyone that. I didn't want to freak them out on the day of the wedding. We head into this really fancy car that we rented. We drive to the place of the wedding. We head towards the back room to get changed. Me, Kathryn, and Shelby head one way, the boys head the other. We all put on our dresses and got our hair and make-up done. "You guys look beautiful." I said to Kathryn and shelby. "thanks! you to" they both said to me. It's time. We were all standing by the priest. The band started playing here comes the bride. Kathryn starts to walk down the aisle towards Niall. They both say their I do's. "You may now kiss the bride" the priest says. They were both leaning in. Then there was a gun shot and Niall laying on the ground.  

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