now i have someone to love

Sophia had a hard life. Ever since her mom died when she was 4 her step-dad Charlie abused her. When she decides to run away, she runs into 5 guy, One Direction. What happens when two of them fall for her? Will this break up the band for good? And what happens when Charlie comes looking for her?
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*also read moments- a niall horan love story by Kmwdancer13*


5. the hospital and shelby

*sophia's POV*

I had to get to the hospital. It was all my fault. I started to run towards the hospital  All of a sudden i saw Liam in his car with the rest of the boys, they stopped and told me to get in. We sped to the hospital, we rushed in and asked to see Louis. "Mr. Tomlinson can not have any visitors at this moment, please take a seat in the waiting room and we will keep you updated." the lady at the front desk said showing us to the other room. I was crying even more now. Why am i here with these boys? i'm only causing them pain. The image of Louis laying on the floor kept flashing in my head. What was going to happen to him? Harry was rubbing my back trying to get me to calm down and reassuring me that everything is going to be okay. 

*Louis POV*

My eyes started fluttering open. What had happened? Where was i? A woman dressed in white came in and noticed i was a wake. She left and then the boys, Kathryn and Sophia all came over to me. Hi do you know your name?" the nurse asked. "yes my name is Louis Tomlinson and that is Harry, Liam, Niall, Zayn, Kathryn, and Sophia." i said smiling "okay, i will get you some bandages for your wound then you will be on your way." the nurse said exiting the room.Everyone was surrounding me asking if i was alright. I felt fine and all i wanted was to leave the hospital and get back home.

*2 days later*

*Liam's POV*

Niall asked me if i wanted to go to the club tonight. I was looking forward together even though i didn't drink i really wanted to find a new girlfriend. I haven't had one in a while so i thought it was about time i got one. "come one Niall hurry up let's go" i said heading towards the car. When we pulled up to the club i noticed it was packed. We went in and started socializing. My eye caught on this one girl standing in the corner by herself with her drink. I headed over to her. We started talking, i found out her name was Amy and i realized i really liked her. When we left i decided to take her with me to spend the night. That night we spent most of the time talking. She turned out to be really kind and funny. After a couple hours i drifted off to sleep. The next morning i woke up and noticed Amy wasn't lying next to me anymore. I got up to look for her. I decided i would ask Zayn if he had seen her. I opened the door to his room and saw Amy laying on top of him saying "come on i know you like me just kiss me already" Amy said trying to pressure him into kissing her. "What is going on here!" i said starting to tear up. I run back to my room starting to cry. 

*1 week later*

*Kathryn's POV*

i was sitting at the kitchen table eating mac and cheese while texting my best friend for forever, Shelby. "GUYS GUESS WHAT!!! MY BEST FRIEND SHELBY IS COMING TO VISIT US TOMORROW!!" i said really happy. Later i helped Sophia get her room ready so Shelby could stay with her. We then all went to sleep. The next morning i went and picked up Shelby from the train station down the block. Once we got back to the house I called everyone to introduce them to Shelby. Shelby this is the boys and this is Sophia. I saw Liam staring at Shelby and blushing. We went upstairs to show Shelby her new room. "I saw Liam starring at you" i said looking at her, "i think he may like you" "really you think so" shelby said as her cheeks got red. "you like him don't you" i said. well in that case i'll be right back. i ran down the stairs to Niall. "can i talk to you for a minute" i said to Niall as i pulled him towards the kitchen. "okay so Shelby likes Liam, can you find out if he feels the same way. "that won't be necessary because he already told me he likes her too." Niall said smiling. i ran back up to Shelby. "HE LIKES YOU TOO" I screamed as i got back to her room "go talk to him" i said pushing her out the door.

*Shelby's POV*

i can't believe Liam feels the same way about me. I mean just look at him he is so gorgeous and his body was so toned. I walked over to him while he was watching TV in his room and drinking iced tea. "hey beautiful" he said and i blushed. I sat down next to him and his drink spilled on his shirt so he had to take it off. "It's really nice you visiting us for a while." Liam said looking into my eyes. I wanted to kiss him so bad and before i realized he was leaning into kiss me. We kissed passionately with my hand on his rock hard abs. We started to make out when i heard a sound but neither of us stopped. all of a sudden I heard Louis yell while running down the stairs, "GUESS WHO I SAW MAKING OUT IN LIAM'S ROOM!"

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