now i have someone to love

Sophia had a hard life. Ever since her mom died when she was 4 her step-dad Charlie abused her. When she decides to run away, she runs into 5 guy, One Direction. What happens when two of them fall for her? Will this break up the band for good? And what happens when Charlie comes looking for her?
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*also read moments- a niall horan love story by Kmwdancer13*


2. the boys

"Who did you bring to meet us now Louis?" The one with blonde hair and the cute irish accent asked. The one with curly hair asked "You cant just go out and pick up...woah". He stared at me for a minute. I felt my face go red and I looked down. Louis elbowed him. "guys, this is Sophia, she's going to be living with us for a while is that okay?" Louis said looking at the others. 
yes yes yes!" they all said at once. Louis then introduced us all. After i knew everyone's name Louis brought me upstairs to the guest room and left me to unpack.

*Louis POV*

As I was walk down the stairs back to the other guys i cant help wonder about Sophia's past, I can't just ask her about it because we barely even know each other. my thoughts suddenly got interrupted by the boys staring at me. "Where did you find her!?" Harry asked" "She was walking in the park and didn't have anywhere to stay so she's coming to live with us for a while. Do you guys like her?" I asked. "Definitely." Harry said with the look on his face like he had a plan. Right then Sophia came down the stairs. Harry was staring at her the whole time. "Hey guys, I was wondering if i can have anything to eat." Sophia said. I went to the kitchen to get my phone. "Why dont we order pizza?" i suggested. Everyone nodded their head. "Let's go watch Toy Story!" Liam said while running to the couch.  They put on the movie but i had other things on my mind. I had to talk to Niall. "Niall can you come here?" i asked. When niall came and sat around the kitchen table with me I just started talking. "Niall I think i might like Sophia but i really dont know anything about her or her past. But i think harry might like her to because he keeps staring at her and i dont want to ruin the bands relationship. I just dont know what to do and I could only talk to you because your the only one with a girlfriend, so i know you won't fall for Sophia." I said then looking at Niall. Niall took a deep breath then said "Before you ask her out or anything like that we have to find out more about her and why she had no place to go. I will talk to Harry find out what he thinks about her okay. oh and later Kat (niall's girlfriend) is coming over. Maybe they should hang out go to the mall or something." "that sounds good i think" I said. Then i looked at the couch and saw Sophia cuddling into Harry's chest. I then realized we had to do this fast before i knock out harry. 

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