now i have someone to love

Sophia had a hard life. Ever since her mom died when she was 4 her step-dad Charlie abused her. When she decides to run away, she runs into 5 guy, One Direction. What happens when two of them fall for her? Will this break up the band for good? And what happens when Charlie comes looking for her?
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*also read moments- a niall horan love story by Kmwdancer13*


10. now i have someone to love


*the next day*

Early the next morning Zayn picked up Niall while the rest of us made a big banner that said Welcome home Niall. We hung it up in the entry way and waited for them to return home. When Niall came through the door we all gave hugs and went out to eat and see a movie. When we got home it was pretty late so i went straight to bed. "wake up Sophia!" Shelby said shaking my shoulder. "Today's your day with Louis." Kathryn said standing next to Shelby. I got up and got dressed then did my hair. I couldn't wait because today i would finally decide who i would be with. I went downstairs and saw Louis eating some toast. I went to the refrigerator and got some for myself. Everyone else said goodbye then left for the day. I then got a call from the officer. "Hello this is the officer just calling to inform you that we have caught Charlie." the officer on the phone said. I thanked her than hung up the phone. "Louis guess what they caught Charlie! i said running up to Louis giving him a big hug. I saw him blushing out of the corner of my eye. "why don't we go play monopoly in the living room" Louis said. We were playing and Louis was flirting a lot which wasn't bad. We then went and had some grilled cheese. After that we had to clean up the dishes but we accidentally  used way to much soap. i put my soapy hands all over his hair and laughed. suddenly there was soap everywhere. "I'm going to get you" Louis said running after me. Louis slid and fell onto the floor and I fell right on top of him. "I really like you Sophia" Louis said looking at me I looked into his beautiful blue eyes and then i leaned in and kissed him. It was was better than i could ever imagine it was perfect. "well we better clean this up" i said laughing. I was about to get up but Louis pulled me back down and kissed me. "I was just making sure it was real" Louis said blushing. We then got up and cleaned up the whole kitchen. After we were done we went to the couch and watched some TV when everyone came back. "Can we please not tell everyone about us especially not Harry at least not right now" i whispered into his ear. Liam and Harry joined Louis on the couch while Shelby, Kathryn, Niall, and Zayn came to me in the kitchen. "I kissed Louis." i said blushing. they all smiled and gave me a big hug. 

*the next day*

Zayn had told Harry about me and Louis. He didn't take it to badly but i could tell he was upset. I went over to him and apologized. He gave me a sweet smile. "Big news. we are going on tour starting tomorrow and we are taking all you girls with us." Niall said walking in smiling. We all went and packed our bags up and got ready to leave. tomorrow we would be leaving for the first spot on tour which would be Hawaii. that night we got on a plane. Since it was my first plane ride i got really scared and i held Louis hand. I then fell asleep for most of the plane ride. When we arrived at Hawaii, Louis shook my shoulder to wake me up. "we are here" he said. I woke up and saw the most beautiful beach ever. We went to the hotel and got a big enough room so we could all stay together. The boys had a concert tonight so me, Shelby and Kathryn decided to the spa. It was very relaxing. When we were done we went back up to the hotel and waited for the boys to get back home. They walked through the door and they looked tired. "how was the concert?" Shelby asked while going over to Liam to give him a kiss. We went to the couch and put in a scary movie. I cuddled close to Louis while we watched. When the movie was over Louis leaned over and kissed me. "I love you Sophia" Louis said then kissed me again


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