now i have someone to love

Sophia had a hard life. Ever since her mom died when she was 4 her step-dad Charlie abused her. When she decides to run away, she runs into 5 guy, One Direction. What happens when two of them fall for her? Will this break up the band for good? And what happens when Charlie comes looking for her?
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*also read moments- a niall horan love story by Kmwdancer13*


4. Charlies back

*Harry's POV*

When i saw Sophia walk through the door after spending the day with Kathryn I couldn't help but think a out how beautiful  she looked. Niall had told me earlier that before i fell for her i should get to know her more so i decided i would take her out to dinner tonight. I called the restaurant and made a reservation. "hey Sophia i was wondering if you wanted to go out to dinner tonight so i can get to know you better." she looks at me and smiles "sure lets go." She went upstairs and changed into a dress that she bought earlier at the mall. When she came down she looked so stunning but i remembered what Niall said to me. "Ready to go" i asked heading toward the door. i open the door for her trying to be a gentleman. "Why thank you" she smiles. We get in the car and go to the restaurant i reserved. When we get to our table she sits down and starts to look at the menu. She then tells the waiter what she wants then looks at me. "Thank you for inviting me to dinner,harry, this restaurant is so beautiful." "Just like you" I said. I felt my face turn red. She looked down at table until the food came. I can't believe i just said that to her.

*2 hours later* 

*Sophia's POV*

when we got home after dinner i needed to talk to Kathryn. I saw her coming down the stairs and coming over to me. "what's wrong, what happened at dinner with Harry?" she said . we had become so close for just knowing each other for one day. "Harry was flirting with me all during our dinner. but the thing is that i haven't decided if hes the one i like cause there's Louis too. I wish you can just move in with us." i said. i looked up to see Niall just walking into kitchen. "sure she can move in" Niall said leaning into Kathryn for a kiss. I heard the doorbell ring and Zayn get up to answer it. Suddenly there was a scream. We all went running and saw a guy holding a knife standing in the entry way. "Where is she, Where is sophia?" the man with the knife demanded. I couldnt believe my eyes. It was charlie. I went over to Louis and started crying. "what's wrong gorgeous." he said looking down at me. "tha-that's charlie." i said. "I wont let him hurt you." he said trying to act tough. Charlie had spotted me and was coming over to me with his knife. "how dare you run away from me. you belong to me, you are my property. Now i will get my revenge." Charlie said pointing the knife at me. Louis came running over to me pushed me out of the way just as charlie went to stab his knife. He hit Louis right in the stomach. Louis fell back and layed on the lifeless. just then the police showed up. It turns out Liam had called the police once he saw the knife. I bent down next to Louis and started crying even more. The paramedics put Louis on the strecher and rolled it into the ambulence. I watched it leave with a tear running down my face. 

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