Imagine 1D

These r 1d imagines! Comment which boy u want
And what u want too happen, also anything about
Yourself! I don't do dirty ones. I also do two boys
For example *Katie and Niam* HOPE U ENJOY


1. Cute Niall imagine

"hey y/n" said Niall jumping onto the bed beside u
"hey baby" you said putting down the book u were
Reading. Niall kissed ur neck. "I have a surprise for
U!" he whispered in your ear. You smiled.

U were blindfolded in the car and u finally arrived.
"take off the blindfold" said Niall. U did what he said
And looked around it was a beautiful dock beside
The ocean with a table for two :). "Babe it's beautiful"
U said. He smiled and sat u down. After u guys ate
Niall played guitar and started to sing little things. By
The end u were in tears! "baby that was beautiful!"
You said. Niall gets on one knee "y/n I have been with u for 2 years now. And I want too spend my whole life with u will u Marry me?" he asked. "yes yes yes!! One million times yes!" u said. He kissed u. "I love u Y/n" he whispered. "love u too Ni" u said back.
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