My dream

Milly really loves 1D. When she finds out she got tickets to a meet and greet, she was filled with joy. The day finally came and she could stop thinking about meeting her dream boyfriend Zayn. Read on to see what happens.


2. Lets tell Them

Aj's POV

When we were at the park I noticed Milly and Zayn were gone. I guess Louis noticed I was worried, so he told me everything will be okay. He made me feel better! A couple minutes later we decided to go home. I was walking and talking to Louis, so I kinda didn't notice Niall was right next to me with his arm around my waist. It didn't make me uncomfortable, I just don't feel that way for Niall. I mean I love them both, all the five boys, but there is something about Louis. I just don't know how to explain it.

Zayn's POV

I'm so happy I'm dating Milly. I know this happened so fast, but I just love her so much and she is smoking hot! I need to tell the boys. "What do you want to do know?" I asked Milly. " How bout we head on home. See if the boys are home." She replied. On our way home, I see Niall and Aj flirting. I wonder what is going on with them. Me and Milly walk on home and wait for the rest to walk up her. I asked Milly if she saw Niall and Aj flirting. She said she would ask her. I asked her if I could tell the boys and she said she was cool with that.

Milly's POV

What is up with Niall and Aj? I have to find out. I know she really loves Louis. I hope everything is god with them. When the boys and Aj got home, me and Zayn asked about their day and they did the same. Zayn then he said he had something to them. He put me on his lap and told them we were dating. Aj was filled with joy. The were very happy for us to!!!! I then asked Aj to come to into Zayn's room. I asked her what was up and she said she had no idea. She did tell me they were flirting with each other but that's about it.
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