My dream

Milly really loves 1D. When she finds out she got tickets to a meet and greet, she was filled with joy. The day finally came and she could stop thinking about meeting her dream boyfriend Zayn. Read on to see what happens.


1. Zayn I love you

Milley's pov
Since I heard about One Direction, I fell madly in love with Zayn Malik! I begged my mom to get me tickets and she kept saying NO. So I decided to be a good girl. After a month before the concert in San Jose. My mom comes in room and says " thanks for your hard work". There was a pause and I though do have the tickets now?. She then said " you, a friend, and me are going to a one direction meet and greet!" I was shocked. I just there with the biggest smile on my face. I said " thank you so much! I love you" . Right after she left I had to call my friend Aj and tell she had to come with me . Aj is a big Louis fan.


Me and Aj decided to go walk around the venue where the show was being held. We just wanted to see how the place looks. All of a sudden I see Liam Payne of One Fucken Direction. I screamed so loud, Aj had to see for herself. She to had screamed at the top of her lungs. The boys looked at us and we ran to them. Liam asked " Do you guys have tickets for the show"? We said yea. Niall asked if we could show them around. Of course we said yes! First we went to the park. Me and Zayn were flirting and so were Aj and Louis. We got to the park and we started throwing sand at each other. Zayn then asked if the both of us could go to Starbucks. I wonder what was going on, so we went. When we got there he paid for our coffee and asked if I was single. I was shocked but at the same time I had a big smile on my face! I almost yelled yes! He saw that I wanted to go out with him, so we made official! I was so happy!!!! What will Aj say?
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