Just For News

This is for the poetry contest because I really want to try to win. This poem is also one I wrote from someone else's POV. I'm no longer depressed and though this poem is incredibly sad, it has amazing meaning only people who've been through tough times will understand


1. Just For News

I still have ZERO experience with poetry and I'm going to be entering this poem into the second poetry competition.


Just For News
I only know I have a heart because I feel it breaking.
I am crowded by my so called friends that think that they can change me.
It's funny how they think they know,
Everything but the truth.
And "funny" is their wrongful term,
To how I feel so used.

The ink of sun drawn in my wrist,
Reminds me of my wars.
Like soldiers with their battle wounds, to show what they fought for.
EDs, lies and suicide,
Are things that pass my mind.
And though I'm broke and never fixed,
I'll still claim that "I'm fine".

Is the smudge of hope for everyone,
Still valid to redeem?
'Cos I'm the type who grew too fast,
And forgot to fall asleep.

I laughed, I cried, I felt the blade,
Run right across my skin.
It was never right, an unfair fight,
I just wanted to be thin.

And now I know I'm all alone 'cos the so called friends have left me.
And though they swear they're by my side,
The promise feels to empty.
The fire that would burn so bright,
Has now been long put out,
Looking back to memories,
I remember how ti shout.

The voice inside, so buried deep, is threatening to arise.
I'm not a child in state of mind for I have known demise.
I was never one for bowing down,
I'll never be controlled.
And when I fought to keep my will,
I lost more than a home.

Emotions feeling black and blue from that old, scarring bruise.
And the worst part is that when I'm gone, they'll think it's just for news...

Please like and comment because feedback is VERY important to me! I'm also a very new poet and I have no experience with poetry. There is also nothing wrong with me; I just wrote this poem when I was sad and it's chock full of emotion...


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