valentines day with one direction

15 year old skyler is just hanging at starbucks with some friends when a guy comes up and ..................................................................................................................!


1. starbucks

Skyler's P.O.V

I was walking on my way to Starbucks. I was meeting up with some friends. When I got there 2 of my friends were there and they were just sitting at a table and I just walked over to them and sat down. As we were waiting for our other friends we just chatted and gossiped for a bit. Oh by the way my 2 friends( Anna and Allana) that were already here with me both had boyfriends( who are our friends also and one was my brother) and thier boyfriends( Christian and Ryan, Ryan is my twin brother ) were meating us at Starbucks too. Along with all of the others boyfriends there were only 2 of us girls who didn't have boyfriends and 1 of the boys didn't have a girlfriend.We were just sitting and waiting for every one else to arrive.

Allana's P.O.V

I was just sitting there talking with Anna and Skyler while we were waiting for the others when they all came through the door ,Sierra ,Lexi ,Shaughnesy ,Claryssa ,Nolan ,Lucas ,Chrisian ,Ryan ,Conner ,Jed and Emma, most of them were dating eachother but Conner and Claryssa weren't dating anyone and neither was Skyler. They all walked over and sat with us then after talking for a few minutes we went to order our coffees.

Skyler's P.O.V

As we were walking over to order our coffees 5 boys walked through the door and started to walk towards us and the ordering counter. They were all wearing hoodies and dark sunglasses. I was just standing there and ordering my coffee when 1 of them walked up to me and took me outside and I guess none of my friends were paying any attention to me because these 5 boys just kidnapped me and carried me into an allyway.

Niall's P.O.V

We finally found her she was perfect We heard someone call her name as they walked through the door and we knew it was her. Well maybe I should tell u what is going on. So this fangirl was sending letters and twitter messages to us. Oh by the way we are one direction. So she seemed obsessed with us so we thought on valentines day we would suprize her and find her wherever she is and meet her and hang with her for a day.So we searched her up and found out the city she lived in and went there now it is just a matter of finding her without being recognized. When we heard someone call the name skyler wwe went to see if we could find them so we went into the starbucks and saw a group of people and a girl who we recognized because of profile pictures and we knew it was her. so when no one was watching we went in and grabed her then carried her to an allyway to tell her who we were and so she could tell her friends that she needed to go. Soo we are now in the allyway with her and she is asking alot of questions. "Who  are you and what do you want with me?" she asked.Befor we answered we all took down our hoods and took of our ssunglasses.She just stood there shocked and then started to say something but before she could Harry cut her of and said " We recived letters and twitter messages from you and asumed you were a fan so we found out where you lived so we could meet you for a day with one direction.""What why would you chose me out of all of the girls who send you letters and twits?" she questioned. Because you stuck out to us." I responded. "Well would you like to go on a picknick with Harry?" Zayn asked."We have planned out a day so you could meet us all seperatly then hang at your house after so, first you will picknick with Harry, then you will go on a walk in the park with Liam, then lunch with Louis,  then to the club with Zayn then go to dinner with me." I explained. Sure lets go she said to Harry.Then of they went.

Skyler's P.O.V

OMG! My favorite band it going to hang out with me all day and it is valentines.AH! So me and Harry Styles are going on a picknick right now.

1 Hour Later

Thank you for the lovely picknick I told Harry and then Liam was right there and we we just walked around the park and talked untill we met up with Louis and we went to lunch at the olive garden, then Zayn picked me up there and took me to the club and we danced and talked for a while then finally Niall picked me up and took me out to dinner and he told me it was a surprize what we where doing after.......

 Niall's P.O.V

I am taking Skyler out to dinner then we are goinng to the old feild I found when we were here on tour and then I plan on  asking her out because she is so beautiful  and funny she is just perfect. Well dinner wasn't the best it was good food but I was just thinking about after so I was kinda distracted while the dinner was happening now we are going to the feild. I hope she says yes.

Skyler's P.O.V

 The dinner was amazing I think I "like" Niall he is so cute and funny and he is so well not afraid of what people think of him. I wander what we are doing now? Well I will just follow him.OMG. This is so beautiful the sun is setting and we are in a huge grassy feild with flowers all around us. we walk out to the middle of the feild and sit down then Niall came closer to me and I got really tired so I broke the space between us and sat almost in his lap then put my head on his shoulder and he started pplaying with my hair I almost fell asleep when he used his pointer and middle fingers to lift my forehead then he started to lean closer and closer then I lean forward and broke the gap between us and we were kissing and that is when I new I lloved him. After kissing for about 15 seconder we broke apart then he wispered to me "Skyler will you do the honer of being my girlfriend?"......................................................."YES"

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