One Love Is Enough.

I Amelia Horan, cousin of FAMOUS Naill Horan, will be on a cruise with them only because of my dance compotion. I bet your wondering OMGEE A Ballerina. Nope I take hip hop. Well I am off to pack and practice. BYE LOVE.


1. Getting Ready ~ Amelia ~ What Amelia wore that day.

 I was sitting in my living room waiting for Naill. I think I started singin,"OHH WHERE WAS I WHEN YOU WERE GO-O-O-EONE? WAS I IN A DREA-EME? OHH!" I heard alot of Woos and OWES. I turned around. NO. There was Naill and his Friends.UGH. I grabbed my suit cases."Move!" I screamed at Liam. I had hid my scar on my cheek. That was were Liam had slapped me.(I HAVE NOTHING AGAINST LIAM! NO HATE COMMENTS PLEASE.) He hurt me. Liam came out looking hurt. I had a random spoon in my hair so I grabbed it."Comce closer ad I'll touch you" Liam screamed and smacked it out of my hand, Then he got in. "I'm still SO sorry for hitting you." Liam still looked hurt. "I said it was okay." I said. Liam had pulled his face to mine.

~Liams P.O.V.~

"Look at me in my eyes." I said. Her blue eyes gleamed.Beautiful. I was an inch from her. I pecked her pink plush lips. The spark wasn't there any more. "Sorry." I said. Then everyone else came out and we left.

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