The absolutely most WORST possible day!

Can this first day of school get any worser? Maybe so...


5. This is just terrible...

I wake up and put the newpapers next to me. Looking at the sun I realize I must have slept for 3 hours and it has stopped raining. If it rained a little more I would have washed the muck out of my hair. All I have left is a 20. I decide I would use it for a haircut and some food.

At the hair salon. I asked for a haircut for $10. They put the apron on me and started snipping. Then they took out the razor and cut off one side of my hair. I cried and screamed. I ran out of there.

Guess what? IT STARTED SNOWING! It's only September!

I run for as long as I can and before I know it I'm in the middle of a highway. How unlucky me.

A car is coming right in front of me. I can't move.



I wake up in the hospital. I'm still alive! A nurse comes in and tells me it's all going to be okay. I have some visitors, my family. Even though they look sad but through their eyes I can tell that they're very happy.

"Aww you poor thing, you could have killed yourself." mom says.

"Hey, we have good news for you. We found a family that could take care of you." Dad says.

The family walks right in. I notice that there is the girl I accidently bumped into. She has an evil smile. The parents some over and smile at me evily. I'm not going to like this one bit, not even one bit.

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