The absolutely most WORST possible day!

Can this first day of school get any worser? Maybe so...


3. Food Fight!

Oh no! I put my sandwich down and take cover under the table. There's a food fight just above me and guess who's the target? That's right me. I take my stuff and try to find myself out of the cafeteria. So much food is being thrown. I am covered head to toe. I jump out the window and break my leg. I run for it and a car hits me but I keep going. Now my left arm is broken and my foot has been run over. Can this day get any worser?

All of a sudden it starts raining. Oh great...

I run to my house and knock on the door. My big sister looks at me in a mean way and gives me a few newpapers and a note. She then shuts the door right in front of my face. That wasn't very nice was it?

I look at the note:

Dear Jerk,

       We decided to get rid of you from this family forever. Don't even try coming back. We''ll get you a new family in the next week or so. Until then you have to stay outside. Here's a few newpapers to keep you warm.

                                                                                  ~Take care


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