The absolutely most WORST possible day!

Can this first day of school get any worser? Maybe so...


2. First Day

I walk up to the school and head right in and that's when I tripped on a step and fall into a big puddle of vomit! My hair gets all into it.

What did I ever do to deserve this! I've been good all my life!
I get back up and go to the front desk to get my schedule.  So it looks like I have gym first period.

I go straight for the gym and that's when I bump into a girl. She looks at me with angry eyes. She pushes me down to the floor and spits upon my messed up hair.

I hate school!

I walk into gym and there is many groups of girls. Should I join one? Maybe not. The P.E teacher asks everyone to line up. So everyone gets into a line and I hear whispering behind me. It's probably about my hair which is still sticky from the vomit.

We all get assigned numbers and teams for track and field. I'm first to run and there I go. I run as I can for 400 meters. When I'm done and I look back I notice there's vomit all over the place. Oh no, The vomit must have flinged off my hair and is now everywhere including on some people.

Before you know it I'm in the principles office. I get a letter for lack of hygiene. How disappointing.

A few more boring periods go by and before I know it I'm in the cafeteria. The worst place to be. I quickly get my lunch and look for a table to sit down at. As I'm walking I slip over some food and now food is all over me.

I wash up in the bathroom and sit at a table. I knew this was going to happen since it always does. I take out my bagged lunch and almost bite into my sandwich. That's when I realized everyone was looking at me.

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