The absolutely most WORST possible day!

Can this first day of school get any worser? Maybe so...


1. Hello!

Today is the first day of school and I'm going to ninth grade! I'm nervous yet excited!

By the way my name is Jocelyn but my friends (which I don't have any of) call me Jerk for short. Well not exactly friends but everyone except teachers.

I grab my books and stuff then into my book bag. My books are pretty messed up but they'll do for now.

In EVERY school people choose me as the victim. I get teased and laughed at but I have a feeling in this school it is going to be MUCH different.

I have to walk to school as always since my parents and siblings HATE me. Everyone in my family has red hair but I'm the only one with black. I feel like the odd one out.

So here I am walking to school...It is really windy so it's hard to see where I'm going.

As I'm walking I step into something squishy....EWWW. I shake it off. Who would leave something lying around like that!

So far my day is terrible. My hair has been messed up also. It's all tangled. No wonder people pick on me.

I wait for the car to pass and it just drives by very fast. A splash of water just wet my jacket.

Can this day get any worser?

I can see the high school from this distance and my stomach is churning. I don't want to go to school!


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