One Direction is kidnapped by Barack Obama and placed in random places around the globe! Join Emily, Hallie, and Harry's journey to save them!


1. Searching For Alaska...... But Arizona's Fine


Emily's POV

  Thud! My bum landed hard on the ground, as dirt flew everywhere: In my face, in the air, clinging to my free blonde strands of hair. I breathed in dust, making me cough. Brushing my messy hair and dirt out of my face, I scrambled to my feet. I breathed in again, this time inhaling fresh, clean air. I looked around for my correspondences: Hallie, my best friend who came on this incredible journey with me; and Harry, her eighteen-year-old brother.

   "Hallie? Haaall-ieeeee! Haaaarieeeee! HALLIE! HARRY! Where are you?! Guys!!!" I shouted. I heard a shuffling noise behind me and then whipped around.

  "Emily?" I heard a high, sweet voice.

  "Hallie!" I cried, running towards her and pulling her into a hug. Her long, straight black hair flowed down her back, and her big eyes shone violet because of her contacts. She laughed, light and airy, as her brother tumbled out of the bushes behind her. Harry looked nothing like his fifteen-year-old sister. He had dark, short, curly hair and light green eyes, with high cheekbones and a bit of a pig nose. I think I remember Hallie's eyes also being green when we were younger, but she's worn those purple contacts for so long that's how everybody remembers her.

   Around us three was barrand land, dusty desert. Shades of sandy red-brown surrounded the scene. I looked up at the dark, black sky that kept us cool until the sun rose again. Then we would shrivel up. I spotted the sparkling transport-warp-hole that dropped us off here. I looked at Harry.

  "Where are we?" I demanded. Harry and Hallie both gazed around as I had.

   "Looks like somewhere in Northeastern Africa," Harry replied. "Not Egypt, because there aren't any pyramids...." Hallie rolled her eyes.

   "Ya know, there are areas in Egypt where it's just pure sand," She said matter-of-factly. Harry heaved a big, exasperated sigh.

  "Sand dunes," he corrected. "And this-" he kicked a hard rock with the toe of his boot "-is NOT sand. It's the same type of sediment the Grand Canyon is made up of." Hallie gave her brother a glare, but Harry hadn't noticed because we both locked eyes and whispered the same words:

   "The Grand Canyon!"

   "Yes!" Harry shouted, pumping his fist in the air in excitement. "That's where we are. We're in Arizona. So, we're not inside the Grand Canyon, obviously, but that might be where one of the boys is hidden. It's around here somewhere!'

  "Like right behind you?" Hallie giggled, pointing behind Harry who turned and faced the Grand Canyon in awe.

  "Brilliant! El Grand-o Canyon-o!" Harry said, clapping his hands giddily. We were all silent for a moment as our dilemna slowly dawned on us.I was the first to speak, and I knew what we were all thinking.

   "So...How do we get down there?" I asked. "Safely, I mean."

   "Why would you want to go down there?" A voice with an Irish accent asked. We all turned to face the source. Hallie and I shrieked, Harry yipped, and I clutched his arm for support.

   "Honestly," Niall continued. "It doesn't look like much fun. Kind of dangerous, actually."

   "NIALL, YOU SCARED ME!" Hallie cried, playfully punching him in the arm. He just shrugged it off. I loosened my grip on Harry's arm and awkwardly shuffled away, as his eyes dropped to the ground and he blushed.

    "We were looking for you, Nialler!" I exclaimed.

   "What were you doing?" Harry questioned.

   "Oh the usual, hangin' out by the ole GC!" Niall said sarcastically and rolled his eyes. "C'mon lad, honestly? I was kidnapped by Barack Obama, and he and his evil minions dropped us off at random places around the globe. I think Louis is probably livin' it up in Paris right now. Why'd I get stuck here? I dunno. I mean, if I were to be dropped off at a dry desert, why not Austin? Or Vegas? Anyways, a nice family has taken care of me, but I don't think they even realize who I am. Just a minute ago I saw you guys fly out of the sky and I hid behind a bush, because I thought you were aliens. Or worse, Obama."

   " weren't hiding in the Grand Canyon?" Harry asked.

   "Hell naw, mate," Niall waved him off. "I ain't a caveman. I went to find civilization!"

   "I missed ya, lad," Harry sniffed, wiping his nose on his sleeve.

   "Oh,now, let's not get all emotional...." Hallie interrupted their little bromance. Harry turned to me and winked, and I felt butterflies flutter in my stomach so I turned away. I glanced back up and he wasn't looking at me anymore, but he was still smiling.


Sabrina's POV

   Normally my afternoons were nice and quiet here in home-sweet-home Arizona.


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