Unforgetable Night (1Shot41D)

Paige and her best friend Crysta go to Toronto for a week to celebrate Crysta birthday and While Paige takes her to Swiss Chalet for dinner they unexpectedly bump into Harry Stylez and Niall Horan from One Direction


1. Valentines day surprise

This was starting to become the best birthday week ever. Crysta invited me to go with her to Toronto for a week, and we had already gone exploring the city, shopping, of course eating, and acting like our crazy selves. I wanted to give Crysta the best birthday ever so I brought her to Swiss Chalet for dinner
"Paige! Thank you, so much for bringing me here!" She exclaimed. I smiled and we took our seats.
"Do you know why I'm so happy you brought me here?" Crysta asked me, I shrugged.
"They have good food?" I guessed. She shook her head smiling and pointed to the table behind us. I spun around in my chair, I was shocked to see Harry Styles and Niall Horan quietly eating behind us. I turned back to face crysta
"Oh my god!" I whispered loudly. She giggled at me and the waiter took our orders.
"I'm still freaking out!" I said still whispering loudly.
"We know." Harry said and a spun back around. Both of them were smiling at us and Niall was chuckling.
"S-sorry" I mumbled blushing a little. Crysta must of went into shock because she hadn't spoke the whole time.
"Its alright love." Niall said grinning, Harry nodded in agreement.
"Maybe, we could hang out. Today is Valentines day." Harry said with a grin that showed his dimples. I hadn't even notice it was Valentines, I must of been caught up in the whole Toronto for a week.
"That would be lovely." Crysta spoke quietly. She had always fancied Harry, so did I but had always liked blondes more. We ate and they took us for a walk in the park, it was perfect.
"What are you fine looking girls doing in Toronto?" Harry asked us, interested in our answer. Niall was quietly walking beside me, while Harry was I front of us with Crysta.
"It's my birthday in a few days so me and Paige decided to stay in Toronto for the week." Crysta explained looking at Harry, probably trying to absorb all his beauty. She was into him and he seemed to have an interest in her.
"What about you boys?" she asked glancing back at Niall and me, then looking back up at Harry.
"Just wanted to take a little break, and Niall's always liked this place." Harry simply replied. I looked over at Niall and he smiled at me.
"I'm very happy you guys offered to hang out. It not every day, that a celebrity takes out a fan." I said biting my lip and looking at the ground.
"Well we don't want you beautiful girls being alone on Valentines day. Now do we?" Niall asked. I shook my head, blushing like crazy, I'm sure Crysta was too. Harry stopped walking and turned to face Crysta, while Niall and me kept walking, leaving them to talk.
"He's too good with the ladies." Niall said quietly. I smiled a little, but who wouldn't? They were the guys every girl fantasized about and I got to talk to one of them one on one.
"I'm sure your just as good with the ladies." I told him, his cheeks had turned a bright pink.
"I'm not as good as you think. I get nervous to easily." he said looking at the ground. I couldn't believe that.
"B-but you could have any girl you wanted with a snap of a finger." I replied quietly, it was true though
"I don't have you.." He said stopping and facing me. I turned to him and blushed even a darker red than before. He grabbed my hand and I looked up and gazed into his eyes. He grinned a little. We stood there for a bit until I finally decided to lean in and pecked his lips. Could this night out get better? I asked myself.
"All you had to do was ask." I told him and he grinned.
"Awwwe!" Crysta shrieked. Her and Harry walk over to us and I instantly noticed their fingers were intertwined. I raised my eyebrow and smirked.
"Whatever, you two look adorable together!" I told her and we laughed a little. The boys walked us to our hotel room and stopped us before we went in. Harry and Crysta shared a quick yet passionate kiss, and she told me she would wait for me inside. Harry headed outside and I looked at Niall.
"Paige, you are officially the best Valentine a guy could ask for." He whispered and I could feel my cheeks heating up. He leaned down and placed a sweet, gentle kiss on my lips. I smiled and blushed an even deeper red.
"Promise that we'll keep in touch?" I asked and he nodded.
"I'll never forget you." He told me, and hugged me tightly. My ears watered a little, hoping this wasn't the last I would see of him. I gave him a kiss on the cheek.
"Good night Niall." I said and went inside.
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