a valentine suprise

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Loraine is a girl that is unsecure with herself but at the end the guy she likes liked her all along <3


3. valentines day

valentines day 8:00 a.m.

     Im really nervous because i dont know what he's gonna say or his reaction when he sees im his secret admirer.

We got to school and i got in the class room the teacher said:

 -ok sit down students i hope you all brung the cards and presents. Now let's get this starded, exchange presents!-

i looked at niall and he was taking out of his backpack a pretty box of chocolates,a sttufed panda and a rose.i stood up and he did too

When i was going to give the things to him he stood in front of me and told me:

-I'm your secret admirer- he smiled why he was handig me the chocolates,panda and rose.

i took the things and i told him:

 -thats funny because im your secret admirer too- we both laughed

niall:-open the box-

me:-ok- in the box was a pretty pink card that said:

   Dear Loraine:                                                                                                     

       you are a really nice,sweet and pretty girl

   maybe you dont know this but i've liked you sice i saw you

    the first  day of school. i hope you give me a chance


-OMG! Niall is this true?-


-i like you too-

 -really ,well will you give me a chance?-

  -of course i will!-i laugh

                              The end ...or is it?

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