a valentine suprise

i really want to be one of the winners of the conttest plz watch rate and comment
Loraine is a girl that is unsecure with herself but at the end the guy she likes liked her all along <3


1. the day before valentines day

          feb.13,2013 12:00:

  -kelsie i dont want it to be tommorow I HATE VALENTINES DAY!-

     -oh come on Loraine you dont have to be like that just because the one you like, you think dosent like you dont yhink that anything can happen...-

 -oh come on he is never gonna like me :'( -

we head to the class room and the guy i like Niall horan was standing in front of the door messing around with his friends Liam,Harry,Zayn and Louis. Niall put his arm on front of the door so i cant pass into the class room.

-Niall get out! please!-

   -try to get in- he laughs

-Niall im telling you get out of the way plz!-

   -ok srry-

-its ok :)

This is my fav class because he sits next to me.

teacher:-i know this is kind of an elementry school thing but  i want you all to pick a name from this bowl and tomorrow you will give the person a card and a little present.In the card you will write all the things you like about that person. NIALL HORAN you're first!-

   niall stands up and picks up the paper

teacher:- REMEMBER this is a secret admirer game ok-

all students:-ok!-

           -Loraine Gold come and pick a paper-

when i sat dow and saw the paper it said: Niall Horan OMG i couldn't belive it!


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