Does Love Really Last

When three best friends meet three heart throb pop stars will it be love at first sight? Are these pop stars ready to let these girls into their hearts? Will this 'true love' last, through the pain, heart-break and obstacles that is thrown there way?


8. Who Is That

*2 weeks later*


"Hello. This is Shivani." I heard Shivi say. "Hey! It's Alex!" I said. "Hey gurrrllll. Whats up?" She said. Retard. "I was wondering if you wanted to hang today. I have some shopping I need to catch up on." I asked Shivani. "Sure! Anyone else or just us?" Shivi responded. "Alyssa's coming too." I responded. "Cool. I'll be there in a few." I ended the call. "Alyssa! Shiv can come!" I waited for a reply. "Okay!" She said running down the stairs. The doorbell rang and Shivani walked in. "Hola." She said throwing her bag on the ground and kicking off her shoes. "Hey!" Alyssa said jumping on top of Shivani. "Somones high!" Shiv teased. Everything went quiet. I looked at her tellinh her to shutup. "Oh ya! Oh. Ha. This is.... Can we go now?" Shivani said slipping on her shoes and grabbing her bag. I ran and got my stuff ans so did Alyssa. "Walk or drive?" Alyssa asked locking the door. She started to walk down the road past the car. Shivani and I looked eachother knowin we would be walking.

*After Walk*

"My legs hurt!" Alyssa whined. "I swear youhave the lowest pain tolerance in the world" Shivani said beside me. I nodded in agreement.

We shopped for hours that felt like minutes. We talked and laughed until something caught my eye. I stopped and stared at the three girls walking towards us. "What are you doing? Come on!" Alyssa said tugging my arm. I didn't budge, I just stared at the girl wearing the 'Keep Calm and Love Louis Tomlinson' with a picture of Louis on it. As the girls came in front of us I looked at her straight in the eye. "Hey!" I said blandly. "Hi." The girl said dumbfounded. "I'm Alex, I saw you and just wanted to ask who you who's on your shirt." I said interested in her answer. The girl looked at me shocked. "Well..." She started. "I'm Eleanor, and this is my boyfriend!" She said as her and her friends giggled."Excuse me?" I said shocked. "Louis's my boyfriend." She snickered again. "Hold old is he? What's his full name? When was he born? Where was he born? How many sisters does he have and what are their names?" I fired questions. "21, Louis William Tomlinson, December 24 1991, Doncaster England, 4 and Charolotte, or Lottie, Félicité, Daisy and Phoebe." Eleanor said proudly. 


Alex stumbled back. "How could he? He's mine." She whispered before turning around and running away. I looked at the girls and shook my head. They were laughing and looked very pleased with themselves. Shivani walked in front of me and punched Eleanor in the face. "Bitch." Said said as Eleanor fell to ground. "Come on." Shivi said grabbing my arm as we ran after Alex.

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