Does Love Really Last

When three best friends meet three heart throb pop stars will it be love at first sight? Are these pop stars ready to let these girls into their hearts? Will this 'true love' last, through the pain, heart-break and obstacles that is thrown there way?


19. The fight

Alyssa's pov 

Alex had been sleeping on the couch for a hour and a half. Shivani and I figured she was in a deep sleep by now. We started to take pictures with her and post them on twitter, when I opened twitter I saw a lot of hate. I grabbed Alex's phone and opened twitter to find only some hate but a bunch of really nice comments saying how she was so pretty, athletic, funny but what tore me apart the most was how everybody said that she and Louis were such a good couple, everybody hated Niall and I being together. I ran I didn't know where I was going I just needed to get out I ran to the closest bathroom, feeling like I would be sick to my stomach.
I ran to the toilet and started vomiting it was just like a wave it just kept coming. I heard Shivani's soft voice "Lyss are you okay?" She said barely audible, "um yeah Im fine… just a lot of hate, you know my usual" I said the last part at a whisper. 

Shivani's Pov 

I just didn't get it, Alyssa had the best childhood of the three of us. Alex having the worst, her parents didn't have a lot of money to waist on riding, so she got up enough guts to talk to the best trainer in Scotland and show him what she's had. It worked out pretty well other than she was at the barn every day working in order to ride. Eventually she ha worked her way up to the best rider in te Uk and needed to move on, she had scouts watching her like hound dogs since she was 11 finally when she was 15 the GB team scooped her up and let her train with them until she could compete with them.  Alex also had a really bad break up with  her last boy friend, his name was Nick he treated her like crap  up until one night when he was drunk and just spoke what he thought of her. Me on the other hand had a pretty good life I got good  grades, had a lot of friends and I was able to make choices in life. Alex had a really hard time letting anyone into her life because of being hurt so badly last time, that's why Alyssa and I were so hard on Louis because we didn't want we to get hurt like last time, but Alex was so keen she tells him everything and when you see them together it makes you smile because their so happy together. "Alyssa your talking crap about yourself , get over it those fans don't know a thing about you. They are just jealous  of you. You think you've had it hard look at Alex's life she was just going to be driven into the ground before she even got a chance at a proper life Louis was the best thing that ever happened to her and your in the bathroom feeling sorry for yourself" I had started to yell now. "Well for your information Alex has had a full ride everywhere she's gone, ya so maybe she had a rough life to start with but thats all changed I just can't stand her, everybody likes her and pity's her because of her story" yelled Alyssa. "Well for our information we are the only ones that know about her story, she hasn't told anybody about that night" I snapped quickly taking defense of my best friend.

Alex's Pov 
I woke up from my nap, the girls were no were in sight and the boys were still on stage. Weird! I decided that I should check the bathroom, I was just about to open the door when I heard Alyssa yell "Well for your information Alex has had a full ride everywhere she's gone, ya so maybe she had a rough life to start with but thats all changed I just can't stand her, everybody likes her and pity's her because of her story" I can't believe she just said that. My own best friend  had just talked behind my back. I debated going  in there and telling something at her. But I held it in. Instead I ran back to we're my purse,phone, keys and sweatshirt were I grabbed it all and just made a beeline for my truck. I was stopped by fans swarming the doors "where are you going" yelled one of the girls, I had tears threatening to pour out of my eyes so instead of answering I just pushed myself through the crowd. Finally I had reached my truck and started it up. All I needed was Preet I just needed my 17.2 hand horse to calm me down. I had finally reached the barn after a drive that had seemed like an eternity. I booked it to my stall to find my big horsie waiting for me. I let myself into his stall and sat down on the ground. He dropped his head to my level and snorted, soon I saw him preparing him self to lay down. I was resting myself on his stomach and closed my eyes before I knew It i had fallen asleep. 
45 min iTunes later I was abruptly awaken when my phone started to ring I jumped up and answered it without looking at the number. "Hello" I said "oh my god, your okay" breathed a nervous Louis "ya Im fine I left after and incident with Alyssa. I'm at the barn In Preets stall" I replied trying to keep Louis and Preet calm. "I'll be right there" he stated and hung up.

Louis Pov 

I flashed Alyssa a glare and Niall became offensive of Alyssa and grabbed her hand. "What did you say about Alex" I questioned trying to keep my cool "I um nothing why?" I replied trying to sound surprised, I looked to Shivani no reply.

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