Does Love Really Last

When three best friends meet three heart throb pop stars will it be love at first sight? Are these pop stars ready to let these girls into their hearts? Will this 'true love' last, through the pain, heart-break and obstacles that is thrown there way?


23. Surprise


"Hey! You coming to watch me practice?" Alex asks me as we walked across the hospital parking lot. 

"No. I cant. Zayn said he has a surprise for me! Sorry!" I tell her.

"Oh! Okay! Have fun!" She winks as Louis helps her into their car. I Hop into mine to see Zayn sitting in the passengers seat. "Hi." I say confused on why he's here. "Hey!" He says blindfolding me and switching spots. 

"Ummm, whatcha' doin' Zaynie?" I ask.

"Its a surprise!"


"We're here!" Zayn says setting me down on the ground and pulling off the blindfolds. What? The airport? "why are we here?" I ask Zayn as he pulls out 2 suitcases from the trunk. What?!

"We-" He sighed, "We, are going to LA. The boys are meeting us tomorrow. I just wanted an extra day with you." He explains placing a kiss on my lips. I smile. I love him. 


We stepped off the boys private jet and into the LA sun. I must have been smiling like an idiot because Zayn placed a hand on my should and asked if I was alright. "Yeah, im fine! Ive never been here before! The sun is so pretty!" I exclaim with pure joy. 

"Its the same sun in Canada love." 

"Whatever," I say grabbing my suitcase and walking towards the airport. Then I hear loud thumping and lots of screaming. I turn to see a thousand girls running towards us. Oh yea. My boyfriends a in a world-famous boyfriend. I laugh to myself as a car pulls up. Wait. Not car. Limo. As the limo door opens someone grabs my bag and throws them in the trunk and Zayn gets in the limo. i watch the fans get closer and closer. Wait. That cant be right. Im stunned when they get so close that the car door shuts and drives off without me. Im pulled into the group of girls until Im rescued by a boy. I look to see who saved me to see the familiar face of Will Dayley.

Im pulled out of the crowd to see Ben Dayley waiting by a green Jeep. I pushed into it and then we start to move. "Hey!" I say smacking them both o the heads. "Hi." They reply. "Umm, thanks. How'd you guys know I was here?" I ask confused. 

"Tom told us." Will explains. 

"Oh, how did he know?" I ask. They shrug. Great. Wait a minute. "Whos driving?!" I exclaim.

I look into the front to see Peter Waterfield driving. "Hey man!" I say giving him a highfive. "We're going to the pool. I had a break and so, I decided to save you." Peter says.


"Hello?" I ask.

"Thank god! Are you ok?!" Zayn asks. 

"Yea Im fine." I reassure him.

"Good. Where are you? Im coming to get you." He says. 

'No Zayn! Some friends of mine saved me. Their giving me a ride to-" I stop for a second to ask Peter where we're going. "We're going to the Olympic Diving Pool." I finish.

"What!? Damitt! I was taking you there. Ok. Bye love. I love you!" He says

"Bye Zayn." I say as the line goes dead. 


Thanks to my saviours, Im free from the airport and the fans. Ah yes. My saviours.

Peter Waterfield is Tom Dayley's diving partner. Will and Ben are his brothers.

And Tom Dayley. Well, Tom Dayley's my boyfriend. 


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