Does Love Really Last

When three best friends meet three heart throb pop stars will it be love at first sight? Are these pop stars ready to let these girls into their hearts? Will this 'true love' last, through the pain, heart-break and obstacles that is thrown there way?


15. Stop It!


We quickly moved our cars but mine and set some cameras around the room to record the dare. My phone was recording from the stairs, a camera was hanging on the lights, Harry's phone was in a plan, Alex's camera was on the table in front of the door and Alyssa had her tape-recorder out and was filming. "Okay!" Shivani said clapping her hands together. "You my friend," She said pointing to me. "You will do your dare and we will watch from here." I nodded. I watched as Shivani high-fived everyone for coming up with the wonderful dare. "Wait! What are their names?" I asked. "Theres Ellie, Shannon and Taylor. Ellie has red hair with freckles. Taylor has straight, blonde hair and so does Shannon but, Shannon's is wavy and is red at the bottom." Alyssa explained. I nodded once again. Okay Haz. You can do this. be a man. I walked in a circle then realized what I was doing. I sat on the stairs and waited.

*DING DONG* Finally. Wait. "I thought you all lived hear together!" I whispered/screamed to Alyssa and Alex. "We do! We decided to make a deal. When you get home from a date ring the doorbell just in case your up to something who evers hear knowns your home!" Alex replied. At that moment the door burst open. I put my head down and rubbed my hands together, then looked up at them. Damn were they hot! I stared at the three girls infront of me. I chose my target, Taylor. I got up and took a deep breath. The girls and their dates looked at me mysteriously. I grabbed Taylor by the shoulders and hugged her. "Where have you been?! Ive been sitting here worried sick! You didnt leave a note, answer my texts or calls! I was worried!' I said into her neck. "Who the hell are you?!?" She said pushing me away! I looked at the guys standing there. "Oh... There here... You shouldve told me... Its just, i cant hide us anymore." I said taking her hands trying not to laugh. "What are you talking about!?!" She screamed pulling her hands away. Hold it in Harry. Get it together.

I stepped closer to herand she stepped back. This continued until she was pressed against the wall. I moved the hair from her face and tucked it behind her ear. I let my hand fall down her face. "Cmon babe. We shouldnt pretend anymore." Now I was towering over her, our foreheads, noses and almost lips were touching. There was literally no gap between us other than our lips. Alright. Here  I go. I presses my lips to hers. I thought she would push me away but instead she kissed back. What?! She pulled away for a second. "Please stay." Was all she said before pushing me away. "Taylor!?! Who is this guy!?!" One of the guys said stepping forward grabbing Taylor's hand"Dont touch her!" I said pushing him away. He clenched his fists. "Who is he!?" He said facing Taylor. "I dont know! I swear! I would never do that to you Taran and you know that!" Taran looked at me angrily. Shit. "Did you break in here?" He said stepping towards me. I shook my head. "Did you just try to do that to my girlfriend?" He asked cracking his knuckles. I smiled nervously. "Theres a mistake its ju-" i was cut off by Taran. "Did you or did you not try to make a move on my girlfriend?!" He shouted. I nodded shyly. "Thats it!" Taran said grabbing me by the shirt. He threw me to the ground and started throwing punched at me. he stood up and kicked me. I grunted after each punch or kick. "Get up wimp! You try to hit on my girl I get to hit on you. But in a different way." i tryed to stand but failed miserably. Taran picked me up by the shirt again and kneed me in the balls. I grunted and fell to the ground. "Taran stop! Thats enough!" Taylor said grabbing his arm. He pushed her away. he picked me up again. At that moment hat moment Louis, Zayn, Liam, Niall, Alyssa, Alex, Shivani and Sophie ran out of the living room. "Stop it!" Alex and Alyssa said tried to pull him away from me. Again, he pushed them away. The boys came running at him ready to beat the shit out of him.

Too late. At that moment I saw a fist come barelling towards me. I watched as the boys tackled him to the ground and punched him. I felt a pain shoot through me as I hit the ground. Everything was blury. Everything was white. There were muffled voices. Am i dying? "Dont close your eyes!" Was all I heard before everything faded into blackness.  

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