Does Love Really Last

When three best friends meet three heart throb pop stars will it be love at first sight? Are these pop stars ready to let these girls into their hearts? Will this 'true love' last, through the pain, heart-break and obstacles that is thrown there way?


24. Phone Calls


Heavy breathing, wind and the sound of whispers and feet shuffling across a wooden bridge.

Then silence. Wait for it... Wait for it...

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!" There it is!

I stumbled to the side of the bridge to see Louis falling off the side. For a second, I could only see his small body but then as he started shooting back up, the bungee cord became visible. 

I pulled out my phone and started taping Louis shoot up and down in the air. I laughed as he made faces at me. After 30 more seconds, he was hauled back up. 

"That was totally wicked!" He yelled embracing me in a hug. I hugged back before shoving mt phone in his hand to watch the video. After it finished he smiled at me and pecked my lips. 

"Are you ready ma'am?" The guy said holding out the cord for me. I looked at Louis and smiled shyly.

"Nah. Ill pass." I said grabbing my bag ready to go. 

"No you won't. Let's go Evans." Lou said grabbing the backpack and shoving me forward. Before I could protest, I was hooked up since that was all that was left to do. Since I was so freaked out, I hadn't noticed that I had gotten pushed to the edge until the countdown started. 


"NO! I cant do it!" I screamed running towards Louis and hugging him.

"Hey. Hey! Calm down" Louis soothed rubbing my back. " You dont have to do it, but think of it. You'll get to say to the others you went bungee jumping!" I sighed knowing he was right and that I had to do it. I couldnt chicken out like that! Then when Alyssa goes with Niall and she does it, IIl look like such a wimp, not doing it and all. 

"Okay." I mumbled and walked back to the guy.

"I'm ready." I sighed. He nodded before ushering me to the edge. 

"10... 9... 8... 7..." The countdown had started and Im scared and sweating and argggg! 

"3... 2... 1... JUMP!" Before I knew what I was doing,  I felt my self falling. Fast. 

I screamed and screamed with my eyes squeezed shut. After 10 seconds, I built up the courage to open my eyes. Slowly, they opened and the sight was breathtaking. The river beneath me flowed swiftly and the fish swimming were visible in the clear water. Lining the sides of the river are forests. In the distance, a bear is visible. 

Wait... A bear?

''Oh my god! Louis! There's a bear! It's gonna eat me! Im gonna die!" I screamed at Louis who is now laughing his ass off. Damn him.

I started laughing too and was screaming like a small baby child.

As I was getting hauled up, I took in my surroundings once again. Wow.


"And then, I saw the bear and I thought it was gonna eat me!" I laughed with Louis as we drove back home. 

"I'm so proud of you Alex," Louis said truthfully placing a kiss on my forehead. I smiled at him taking in what has happened to my life because of him.


Lou clicked the hands-free call thing in the car before speaking, "Hello?"  

"Louis! It's Zayn!" A familiar voice filled the car.

"Hey buddy! What's goin' on?" 

"Well... I kinda lost Shiv..." He said shyly.

"WHAT!?" I screamed! "What kinda of boyfriend does that! She's never even been to LA!" 

"Calm down Evans. She said a friend picked her up. They're bringing her to the Olympia Diving Pool." Zayn said calmly. Wait. Diving Pool? Oh shit.

"Who exactly was it? That picked her up?" I asked.

"I don't know. She just said friends. But I think they're british. They had an accent when they were talking. I think," Oh good lord.

"Alright. Try not to lose her again. See ya." Louis said ending the call. 


"Lou... Where are we going? This isn't the way home..." I ask worried that we were lost. 

"We aren't going home." He said evily.

Oh my god I'm being kidnapped...




It's been thirty minutes but Lou finally says, "We have reached our destination." 

I looked out the window to see a jet. 

"We're going to LA early, so we can spend time together." He says smiling.

"Like Zayn and Shivani?" I question. He nods his head and hops out of the car. I follow his actions and follow him to the trunk. He pulls out suitcases and I grab mine that he obviously packed for me. 

We walked to the plane and gave the crew wour bags before stepping in. It's amazing.

I was greeted by a familiar gasp and see Alyssa sitting on a chair. I heard another gasp from behind me and see Niall.

"What the fuck are you doing here!" Lou, Alyssa and Niall yelled at the same time.

"Well, you said you were taking Alex bungee jumping so I thought you were ditching the plane so i was gonna go sooner." Niall explained. 

We all looked at Alyssa who explained her case, "He," She said pointing at Niall "said that there was an empty plane and he probably wasn't going so I came!"

"Wow guys. I guess were all going early... Except for Harry." Louis says taking a seat. I'm about to sit down beside him but Niall beats me and I stick my tongue out at him. As I walk by to sit beside Alyssa, I stomp on his foot and he winces in pain. Ha, loser!

"You didn't die!" Alyssa squeals as I sit next to her. I nod and  give her a toothy grin.


After a lot of random chatting about random topics with Alyssa I finally remember the phone call Louis and I received in the car.


"Did you hear?" Alex whispered. I gave her a confused look.

"Hear what?"

"Zayn lost Shivani in LA at the airport an-"

"Lost? Like a dog?"

"He got shoved in a car and the car left without her so she was left at the airport. Now let me finish! " I threw my hands up in surrender and Alex continued.

"Shivani was going to call Zayn but then some unknown British friends got her and now they're taking her to the Diving Pool and so I have a slight feeling who it is..." Alex huffed.

As everything started processing in my mind I realized my phone had beeped. I looked down at it to see a Keek update from TomDayley1994. Great. 

I pressed play and waited for the video to start. 

"Hey guys! I'm at the pool training right now and I just got a call from my brothers that they have a surprise for me! Im a bit scared about what it is but well see! I've gotta get back to the pool but I'll see you around!"

The keek ended and our predictions were correct. I looked at Alex and she gave me the 'we're on the same page' look.

"So this means-" I started but couldnt finish.

"Yep." Alex nodded.

"And they're both gonna be the-"


"So basically both of Shivani's boyfriends, Tom and Zayn will all be in the same room and neither guy knows?" I ask just to clarify.

"Exactly." Alex states.

"Shit." I curse.

"Deep shit." I look toward the voice and am greeeted by Niall and Louis's faces watching us. Oh good lord...


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