Does Love Really Last

When three best friends meet three heart throb pop stars will it be love at first sight? Are these pop stars ready to let these girls into their hearts? Will this 'true love' last, through the pain, heart-break and obstacles that is thrown there way?


20. Not A Care In The World

NIALLS POV "Honestly Louis! Shutup!" I screamed at him. "Me shutup? Me shutup? You have no idea what Alyssa said to Alex!" Louis said getting defensive. "Neither do you!" I replied.  squeak  We both turned to see Harry, Zayn and Liam flopping down on the sofa eating popcorn.  "Paul's gonna make you breakup you know." I turned and looked at Louis,  he obviously noticed the fire in my eyes and anger boiling in my skin. He shrugged pleased with the outcome of his words. "Why?" I ask challenging him.  "Why? Because of the hate. It obvious the fans dont like you together. And the longer you stay together, the more hate you'll get. Then; this will start happening everyday and you start thinking its your fault and you'll end getting in a fight and breaking up dramatically." He explains. I stare at him noticing the look on his face. "How do you know?" I asked interested in his knowledge. "Eleanor. He made us split. To much hate caused to much pain. It was affecting my singing and he noticed. He eventually got us to split." Lou said, tears threading to spill. I did the first thing I thought of.  ZAYNS POV Niall stepped forward. Uh-Oh. I was getting up thinking Niall was gonna through a punch. I was grabbed by Harry and Liam and yanked down. I watched as Niall stepped forward and, embraced with Louis. Louis cried into Niall's shoulder as did Niall. When they pulled apart they smiled at eachother. "You told us El said she thought it wasn't gonna work. Care to explain Mr. Liar Liar Plants On Fire" Niall says hitting him playfully. We all cracked up. "Paul told El and El told me so she technically did say that Sherlock." Lou replied matter-of-factly.  We all laughed at random things and talked about our girlfriends and rubbed it in Harry's face. Then it hit me like a brick. Hard, painful and absolutely trecherous. "Zayn? You ok mate?" Liam asked placing a hand on my shoulder. "W-what happens if Paul do-does that to Shiv-Shivani and I?" I asked looking at them. Everyone went silent. "This is why I don't have a girlfriend!" Harry said flopping down on couch. We all stared at him until the smile on his face disappeared. I started to laugh. Hard. So hard I knocked over the bowl of cereal. I sailed through the air and landed right on Harry Styles head. And BAM just like that we were a in hysterics, well, except for Harry that is. "Oh well! At least we dont get that much hate and she loves me and I love her!" I say between laughter.  LOUIS POV After talking for hours that felt like minutes we stopped. We had talked about everything. Then it hit me. "Let's go somewhere!" I said jumping up. The boys stared at me "Where?" Harry questions. "Anywhere! The beach, shopping, paintballing, skate park... ANYWHERE!" I tell thinking of places to go. "I have an idea." I say jumping up.  At that everyone follows me out and we jump in the car. We drive off, fans chasing the car and yet we don't care. It's nice. Going outside. Not a care in the world. 
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