Does Love Really Last

When three best friends meet three heart throb pop stars will it be love at first sight? Are these pop stars ready to let these girls into their hearts? Will this 'true love' last, through the pain, heart-break and obstacles that is thrown there way?


6. Midnight


'But I do it for the love Waiting on the gold rush Keep it on the edge Smoking on a roll up
When I see my friends All they say is hold up And remember the time When we were in school Listening to grown ups Didn't learn a thing But then again you know what You know how to sing But you don't know anything Other than that.'

I was jamming out to my Ed Sheeran while munching on some fries. What to do, what to do. I picked up my phone looking for a game to play. Nothing. I checked twitter. Hate and fans asking if I could follow them. I'll call someone. I scrolled through my contacts when a text popped up on my screen.

From: 519-756-3170 To: Niall Horan Hey Nialler! Its Alyssa Monteith from the studio xx 

I added her to my contacts and called her. After a few rings a faint British accent answered. "Hello, Alyssa Monteith. How may I help you?" Her voice instantly put a smile to my face. "Hey Alyssa! It's Niall!" I said to her. "Oh, Hey Niall." She said. "I was wondering if you wanted to hang out tonight?" I asked her. "Ya sure! What do you want to do?" Alyssa questioned. "It's a surprise. I'll pick you up at 11:45 tonight. Be ready." Then I hung up before she could ask further questions.

I ran my fingers through my hair before grabbing my basket and walking into my car. I was taking Alyssa on a midnight picnic to the park. I ran back inside and picked up my guitar then drove off to Alyssa's house. Once I reached it I took a minute to take in the breathtaking view. I heard a door creak and saw Alyssa walking over wearing a plaid shirt and shorts ( "Hey love." I said giving her a slight hug. "Hey hun." Alyssa said in a British accent. British? "Since when did you get a British accent?" I asked. "Well, I might be faking an American accent," I looked at her blankly. "I used to live in England but I was bullied a lot. I got sick and tired of it so I started drinking to get my mind off things. It turned into a habit and then I got kicked out of my house. So, Alex said I could live with her here in Canada. I've lived here for two years now and I can't get rid of my British accent so I fake an American one." She said in an accent. "I like it." I said quietly. "Thanks." She said proudly. "C'mon." I said grabbing her hand and pulling her to my car. "Where are we going?" Alyssa questioned as we were driving. "It's a surprise." "Not a very good one. It says right here," Alyssa then picked up my notebook. "Set up picnic in the park. Get Alyssa. Take her to park." She laughed. "Shit. I thought I moved that." She giggled. 

Once we reached I took her hand and grabbed my basket and guitar. I led her to where I had set up our picnic. "Wow Niall. It's beautiful." Was all she said. I looked at her then looked down at my picnic. There was a large blanket with rose pedals scattered around. There were candles lit around the blanket and a single rose placed in the middle. I set my basket and guitar down then picked her up bridal style and carried her to the blanket. I set her down and pulled over the food basket. I opened it and pulled the food out. I had made pasta and a salad. I pulled out a glass of wine and two glasses. We ate our food and talked. We were silent as we listened to the night. I sat up and looked at Alyssa. She was gorgeous. Her green eyes and dirty blonde hair. "I wrote you a song.' I told her breaking the silence. I pulled out my guitar and started singing while playing my guitar.

Yeah, yeah, that's my baby, That's, that's my baby Never wanna leave her you couldn't pay me and I, oh I. I think I finally founnd a girl. I want to rule my world 
It's crazy but true, it's crazy but true Can't see myself with nobody but you. It's crazy but true, it's crazy but true. She's got that kind of love that keeps me in a good mood 

I finished and watched her reaction. She smiled at me. "I'll play something I wrote  for you." Alyssa said before grabbing my guitar. She stood up and started strumming and mashing songs together. 

Cause in the daylight we'll be on our own, But tonight I need to hold you so close. RIGHT HERE RIGHT NOW I'm looking at you and my Heart loves the view cuz You mean everything (Everything) RIGHT HERE I'll promise you somehow That tomorrow can wait For some other day to be (To be) but right now There's you and me.

She stopped and laughed. "The singing was wonderful but you could use some work on guitar." I said trying to imitate Simon Cowell. She started walking towards me but tripped on a rock and smashed the guitar. Her eyes grew and I just laughed. "Oh my god! I'm so sorry! I'll buy you a new one. How much was it?" She started panicking. "How will I repay you. They probably only sell these guitars in Ireland. She said sitting down beside me. "Thats true. They only sell them in Ireland but, theres only one way to make up for this." I said pointing to the crushed guitar on the grass. "I'll do anything!" She cried. "You ready?" I asked. She nodded. I leaned forward and crashed my lips to hers. Our lips moved in sync. I pulled her closer and she kissed back. Her hands went up to my head and she fisted my hair. I placed my hands on her hips I held her tightly. We pulled away so our foreheads were touching. "I should break your stuff my often." She smirked. She kissed me again then pulled away.      


I tripped and the guitar smashed. My eyes grew wider and Niall laughed. How was he laughing?! "Oh my god! I'm so sorry! I'll but you a new one. How much was it!" I panicked. "How will I repay you. They probably only sell this kind in Ireland." I mumbled sitting beside Niall. "That's true. They only sell these in Ireland but. theres only one way to make up for this." He said referring to the guitar. "I'll do anything!" I cried desperate to repay him. "You ready?" He asked me. I nodded waiting for the task. He leaned forward and pressed his lips to mine. Without thinking I kissed back. Our lips moved together as if they were meant for each other.  He slithered his arms around my waist and I tangled my hands in his hair. He held me close and pulled away so our foreheads were touching. "I should break your stuff more often." I teased. I kissed him again before sitting back beside him. "I've never met anyone like you." Niall said turning towards me. "Really?" I asked not believing anything that had just happened. "With that said," Niall said moving closer to me. "Will you be my girlfriend?" I looked at him. His eyes were burning into mine. I nodded and hugged him tight. "It's getting late and you have work in the morning." He told me. I crossed my arms. "How do you know?" I asked. "I called George and I told him you might be late tomorrow morning." He replied while packing everything up. "Fine." I said.

Once we got to the house I kissed Niall good night then started walking to the door. I was going inside when I heard foot steps behind me. "Here." He said handing me a fake rose. I looked at him hoping for explanation. "When that rose dies I will stop loving you." He said walking backwards towards his car. "But it's fake." I stated. "Exactly." He relpied before getting into his car and driving away.  




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