Does Love Really Last

When three best friends meet three heart throb pop stars will it be love at first sight? Are these pop stars ready to let these girls into their hearts? Will this 'true love' last, through the pain, heart-break and obstacles that is thrown there way?


21. Good idea

Good Idea
We had been driving for five minutes, fans still chasing us. Louis stopped. "Pick a number between 1and 10." He said casually. 
"10!" I screamed.
"6!" Harry yelled. 
"1!" Liam says. 
"5!" Niall sings. 

My number was 3. "Alrighty. Niall choose a direction." I say simply. Niall gives me a confused look but like the others, they never question my ideas. 
"Left!" He says excitedly. I then turn left and keep driving. The road is straight. No turns. No people. Just us... And the 100ish fans chasing are car. 
"Pick a number. other than Niall" I say again. 
Harry: "1!"
Zayn: "5!"
Liam: "10!"
My numbers 8. "Liam, choose a direction." I say once more. "Right." He replies. 

Suprisingly, nothing's backfired. By now, we've all chosen direction. Niall chose left, I chose right, Harry chose straight, Zayn chose left and Louis chose right. 
We've been driving for about an hour until the straight road we've been on stops. We look out at the view. A beach. The waters a clear blue so you can see the bottom from 20 from shore. Off to the left is a big pile of rocks, pebbles and stones. Water crashes onto them and seagulls fly above it. On the right the beach continues on then leads into a forest.
 The first thing I think of is Life Of Pi. Im almost expecting to see Richard Parker come growing out and a skinny Indian boy laying unconscious on the sand. Instead I see a Harry come prancing out of the forest and Zayn tanning on the sand. Close enough. 
Itll be fun away from everything. 
Good idea. 

No backfires. No fans. Just us. A feeling i  have t felt in a long time washes over me. Freedom. 
Nothing to care about. Nothing to worry about. Nothing. We're free. 
In total, it was a success. 
Good idea. 

I wish Alyssa was here with me. Then again, it is nice being away from everything. I hope shes ok. I didnt tell her I was going. Oh well. She'll figure it out. 
Bad idea? No. 
Good idea. 

The boys seem to have enjoyed my idea. I've already taken out some food, blankets, change of clothes and a pile of towels we use for the gym. 
Bad idea? I think not! More like... Good idea. 

I found lots of weird stuff in the forest but the best part about it... Was my piss. I felt so free. I can't even remember the last time I pissed. It felt so good to empty my full bladder. Now... Im free! Not a care in the world. Just my five best lads and a beautiful beach! This is nice. 
Nice idea. No. 
Bad idea. No.
 Ok idea. No. 
Amazing idea... Hmm... No. 
Wait. I got it. 
Good idea. 

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