Does Love Really Last

When three best friends meet three heart throb pop stars will it be love at first sight? Are these pop stars ready to let these girls into their hearts? Will this 'true love' last, through the pain, heart-break and obstacles that is thrown there way?


10. Funeral



Dear Diary,

Life iwthout a best friend is hard i have been out to the barn every day to see Preet he wasn`t doing well without her although he had Louis the two of them had an insane bond since she left. Luckily Preet wasn`t injured in the ``Accident`` so we have a back up rider that will ride Preet in memory of Alex and there was a special cerimony at the opening event because Alex was a British rider the is an award and a cerimony every year on ``her day``.. The Funeral will be held on July 30th Preets birthday. Louis has been terrible he refuses to sing and he only goes out to see Preet. He lives at the place they shared the little «Country house with all of her horses with him, Niall lives with him st themoment because we worry about him still being a little un stable at the moment.


*JULY 30th*




i checked twitter a lot of tweets about `your better without her` `get better soon` `best wishes` and a lot of `come back soons`how could my fans even tell me to come back soon when all i wanted to do was dig a hole and cry in it.




Today was the day of the funeral i was devistated that she left and life hasn`t been the same. Zayn`s home now, He came back as soon as he heard about the loss. Nobody has been the  same since the accident. As we climb into the car zayn starts to ball i cant belive it i havn`t seen him shread a tear since he got back and no whe decices to let it all out. Zayn babe whats the matter   I asked its its just that i never got to say goodbye to her and now i have to go and see her laying lipm,frail....dead.





I climbed up the stage steps to say my speach i got nervouse about half way through walking up but i noticed i still had my `DO IT FOR ALEX`bracelet we all wore them and swore never to take it off, i still wore my promise ring and occasionly people would ask who it was for and all  i said was Alex the missing half. A lot of times i got Awws but i passed it off because they justdidnt know the whole story between the two of us.




Thank you fpr all coming to the passing of Alex Evans. SHe was a great girl and literally half of my life, loseing her was the saddest moment of my life. I remember her always telling me `To Hold My Horses` it may have only been a year and a halfe but belive it or not i was going to propose as soon as she woke up. But that never happened. I appreciate all of the help i have gotten in the past almost 2 months from my boys,family ad friends. thank you very much for being able to count on you for my life. I kive on our farm with the horses. The bond that was betweine Preet and Alex was amazing he jumped anything for her but they stayed by each other through thick and thin. The day i first saw Alex riding was April 7th last year she had her dark brown hair flipped up into her helmat and was jumping 4 foot oxers. I still have the rock thathas her number written on it  sitting beside my bed. TO this day Alex still has Twitter,FAcebook and Instagram that is run by one of us every day i woul dlike to rhank all of you for coming to the memorial of Alex Evans.


I ran off crying because of all the good times we had would have been gone no more just me, the boys and Alyssa and Shivani. Forever she will be in our memory. Right beofre the barried her off to be barried i stood there stroking her hair,kissing her nose once in a while and twirling her ring around in my fingures i was given shaadow boxes,photos of us at parties and lotsnof in memory gifts i even had one person have Preet trailer him over which i just hooked up to my frsiler seeing as i drove the truck now which brought back so many good memories together there was the one when we had a 20 minuet snogging session in the back, when we trailered Preet all the way to Glasgow just to visit her family or the time when we started jamming out to country music while singing a totaly different song. I would do anything for this truck...I would do anything for her






Authors Note*


HELLO how is everybody enjoying my fan fic if you could tell ShivANI did the first 7 chapters but then i got really board so i started writing. ¸8-11 are my chaperts if you could tell! DO NOT BE ALARMED THIS IS NOOT THE END IN FACT NO WHERE NEAR IT


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