Does Love Really Last

When three best friends meet three heart throb pop stars will it be love at first sight? Are these pop stars ready to let these girls into their hearts? Will this 'true love' last, through the pain, heart-break and obstacles that is thrown there way?


17. Driving


MIT was about 4:30 when I clambered out of bed, only having 3 hours of sleep really does something to you. 

I quickly pulls on sweatpants and a baggy HITS sweater. I ran through the hallway banging on doors. First I heard a faint groan from Ellie waking, then I heard a shower start it must have been coming from Shannon's room. I hopped steps 2 at a time when my foot slipped sending me flying down the stairs, I jumped up and yelled "IM FINE" I heard chuckling and just assumed it was one of the barn girls coming to check on her horse before we trailered them off. To my surprise I saw a tall muscular figure standing my the stove, I felt my heart rate speed up. Then the statue turned to face me " breakfast anyone" that voice instantly calmed me as I saw Louis gleaming smile turn to me. "Wha I mean when did you get here" I yelled as I ran to his arms and gave him a sloppy kiss on the lips.  "We'll last night Alyssa called me telling me how late you'd been up and where you were going figuring it had totally slipped your mind, and how she didn't want you driving by yourself" he explained "so of course I said yes!". I smiled and kissed him one more time before going to tell at the girls. 



by now Shannon, Ellie, Taylor, Louis and I had been fed, coordinated plans and loaded horses up into the 4 trailers each pulled by a big truck, Shannon and I pulled 6 horse trailers while Taylor had a 2 horse trailer and Ellie had a 4 horse trailer. Louis and I pulled out of the driveway first followed by Taylor, Ellie,Shannon and the rest of the GB horses in tow. We would meet all of the other riders in Calgary with all of our stuff, we were all assigned jobs and we drew the short straw. 


Louis POV 

We were pulling into Starbucks where we spotted  3 other trailers parked in the parking lot.

"what would you like love?" I questioned as I undid my seatbelt, " oh could I please have a tall green tee" Alex asked as she climbed out of the drivers side. I saw Ellie, Taylor and Shannon as I was walking inside "hey do you want anything from Starbucks?" They all gave me their orders and it was pretty easy considering I was ordering the Same things in different sizes. 

I Slowly made my walk back to the girls that were now all standing my the grassy area with a horse. I wonder what they were doing? "Orders up" I faintly yelled as the girls rushed towards me.  

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