Does Love Really Last

When three best friends meet three heart throb pop stars will it be love at first sight? Are these pop stars ready to let these girls into their hearts? Will this 'true love' last, through the pain, heart-break and obstacles that is thrown there way?


11. Dream or Reality


I woke up sore all over. I rubbed my neck and flopped back down in bed. Ouch! That hurt. I had such a weird dream last night. No. Not dream, nightmare. 

Alex was riding and fell off her horse. She was knocked out and was in come for 12 weeks. After the 12 weeks she never woke up and died in coma.

"I had such a weird dream last night love." I said turning over hoping to see Alex in the bed beside me. Instead I saw the bed made messily. Weird. I crawled out of bed and went to the bathroom. The mirror was cracked and her brush was laying on the ground. Weird. I walked out of the room and smelled the air. No food cooking. Weird. I ran into all the rooms hoping to find her. Nothing. I ran down stairs looking for a note saying where she was. Nothing.

Wait. No. It can't be. It had to be. It had to be a dream. This can't be real life!

I ran outside screaming her name. I ran up and down the streets as tears streamed down my cheeks. I jumped into the car and drove off calling Alyssa, Shivani, Niall and Zayn. No one answered. Then it hit me. The barn. I sped away and parked the car. I ran to the house the GB Olympic Team shared before competitions. I knocked on the door but no one answered. Where is she! As I ran to the barn everything came flooding back to me. The fight.

She thought I was cheating on her with a girl named Eleanor. I was going to tell her last night that I was in a a world famous boy-band. I was a bit surprised she didn't know but then again, she didn't exactly keep on top of this stuff. ANyways, a fan told her she was my girlfriend and since Alex didn't know about my band One Direction, she believed her.

I reached the barn and ran past the stalls. I spotted Preet and ran up to him. I smiled at him then sprinted by him. I stopped in front of the barn door  and saw Alex picking up her helmet from the ground. My eyes filled with tears as I watched her. "Alex!" I screamed running to her. "Louis!" She yelled once she spotted me. We ran towards each other (like in the epic romantic movies). She jumped into my arms as I wrapped my arms around her. "You scared me." I said into her neck. "I didn't know where else to go. I thought you wouldn't want to talk to me." She replied. "Louis," Alex said pulling out of the hug. I nodded telling her to carry on. "Promise me you'll never leave me." She said. "Promise." I said. "I hugged her again. "I love you too much to leave you." I said. "Me too." Alex replied. "Lets go home." I suggested picking her up bridal style.

Once in the car I explained to Alex about how I was in a world famous boy band called One Direction. "There's five of us. Zayn, Liam, Niall, Harry and me. We got put together on the X-Factor UK by SImon Cowell. We got third but Simon still signed us. We have one album out called 'Up All Night'. We toured around the world and now we're writing songs for our new album." I explained. "You never told me any of that!" Alex laughed hitting my arm. "Sorry Babe." I said putting on a puppy dog face. "How could I stay mad at that." She said wrapping her arms around my torso. 

As I dropped her off at her house I held her hand. "I never want to fight again." I said. She nodded in agreement. "I love you." Alex whispered. "I love you too." I said kissing her nose. She smiled up at me. "Now I better go clean up the mess we made last night before Lottie gets home." I said walking back to my car. "What will Lottie do?" Alex questioned. "Tell Félicité. Then she'll tell Daisy and Phoebe. Then either Daisy or Phoebe will tell my Mom and I'll grounded." I said running everything through my mind. "What will your punishment be if you get grounded?" She asked. "I wont be able to see you. I don't want want that to happen. So, I better go." I answered. She smiled. "I wouldn't want that to happen either so, get cleaning Tomlinson!" She teased. I laughed and waved goodbye before driving off.

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