Does Love Really Last

When three best friends meet three heart throb pop stars will it be love at first sight? Are these pop stars ready to let these girls into their hearts? Will this 'true love' last, through the pain, heart-break and obstacles that is thrown there way?


14. Dinner with the Boys


Alyssa and I had a blast in the car. We laughed and leaned more about eachother. We almost got hit by a truck from laughing! 

I opened the restaurant door for her. Just as we stepped in I saw Louis come in the door to our right with a brown haired girl. I looked to our right to see Zayn walking in with a black haired girl. I looked straight infront of me to see Liam and Harry sitting at a table talking to a red-head. 

I looked towards Alyssa. She had stopped and was staring at the two girls who must be Louis and Zayn's date. They to had stopped. "Cmon Alyssa," I said dragging her by the arm towards our table. I watched as the other boys did the same. We stopped at the table and the girls just stared at each other. A smile grew on all their faces as they stared. Then... BAM! Just like that they all started talking at once. "I cant believe its you guys!" Alyssa said giving them both a hug. "I was worried you would be mean but, no! This is perfect!" The black haired girl said. 

"Well then," Louis started. "Looks like everyones getting along nicely!"


Dammit! EVeryone has a girl but me. Well, Liam doesnt, but he will at the end of the night. 

"Alright," Niall said clearing his throat. Everyone looked at him. "Im Niall," I laughed. "We all know your name you little twat!" 

"They dont!" He said pointing at the other girls. "As I was saying," He shot me a death glare. "Im Niall and this is my girlfriend Alyssa Monteith." Alyssa. I like Alyssa. Maybe I can steal Alyssa. NO! What are you saying Harry? She one of your best mates girl!

"Im Louis and this is my girlfriend Alex Evans." He said hugging Alex. Awwwwww! I cant ruin them. 

"Im Zayn an-" He was cut off by his girlfriend. "Shivani! Im Shivani Pinto!" She said grinning from ear to ear. We all laughed. 

"Im Harry. Im single and ready to mingle so if you girls got any friends... Let me know." I said winking at them. The other boys rolled their eyes and the girls smiled at me. 

"Im Liam and this is my... Well this is Sophie." He said shyly pointing to Sophie. Sophie nudged him. He looked at her with puppy eyes. She smiled at him and kissed his forehead. He smiled up at her. 

Oh. My. God. I kicked Liam in the shin. He cringed and looked at me angrily. I raised an eyebrow at him. He shook his head. I nodded. I raised my eyebrows more. He sighed, I smiled.

"Sophie," He said taking her hands. "I really like you and so I was wondering if you wanted to go out with me. You known, like, be my girlfriend?" He asked worried. She smiled at him. "I thought you'd never ask!" She said kissing his cheek. Awwww!

Shit. Now Im the only one without a girl. 



"You guys can come over to our place." Alex suggested looking at Alyssa. Sures and OKs filled the air. I smiled to myself, this is going to be awesome. 

We all got in our cars and drove to Alex and Alyssa's place. Once we got out we went into the living room. "So..." I said staring at everyone. "So..." They all echoed me. "Truth or Dare?" Sophie asked. I smiled "YESSSSSS!!!!" Everyone nodded. "Ill go first!" Sophie squeaked. "Shivani, truth or dare?" She asked. "Truth!" Groans filled the room. I smiled. "Whos you celebrity crush other than One Direction?' I thought for awhile. I jumped up "TOM DALEY!" I screamed. Everyone burst out laughing as I took my seat in Zayn's arms. *RING RING* Liam's phone rung. He got up and answered it. "Your turn Shiv. Can I call you that? Im gonna call you that." Sophie said. "Harry, truth or dare?" I asked. "Hmmmm... Dare." He said thinking. I thought for a moment. "Alyssa, when do the others get home?" I asked.

"About five minutes." She answered. 

"When the others come. You have to... Go up to one of the girls and pretend your her boyfriend and she's cheating on you." I explained pleased with my dare. 


"Fine." I say in response to my dare. This is gonna be interesting.

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