Does Love Really Last

When three best friends meet three heart throb pop stars will it be love at first sight? Are these pop stars ready to let these girls into their hearts? Will this 'true love' last, through the pain, heart-break and obstacles that is thrown there way?


18. Concert

Alex's pov 

As my brown blundstone boots hit the cold dirt of Calgary I heard whinnying, trucks roar, trailer ramps hitting the ground  people yelling and grooms running around like crazy. "Wow" stated Louis "ya I know, get used to it though only three more weeks of this" I bluntly stated. "HEY GUYS" I saw Shannon and Ellie running towards us, "hey " I replied cheerfully. "So have you been here for very long?" Questioned Louis. "No like an hour, we got our horses settled and the other girls are here with the tack so all of the stalls are ready!" Squeaked Ellie "yes that's amazing" I yelled. 
*5 minutes later***
Louis and I were slowly lowering the ramp to the trailer to get our 6 horses unloaded. "So how did you get three weeks off from the band?" I questioned, "well" he rubbed his neck,  uh oh maybe he was only going to stay for a few days. "Well all of the boys will come down in two nights, because…" "SPIT IT OUT ALREADY" I yelled getting a little annoyed. "We had a concert in 2 days because that was the only way to get the rest of the 2 weeks off" he rumbled quickly. "Aww that's great, ill get to come and watch" I said sweetly, he looked a little taken back when I said this. "Oh so you don't mind" he looked so nervously was really cute! "Of course not it will be great to get out of the barn for awhile and forget about this world title on my plate" I said with a big smile. We finished putting the horses away in their stalls and made the trek to our bed about to call asleep on our feet. 

**2 days later**  

Alyssa's Pov 

I was so excited the boys, Shivani and I were traveling in the plane to Calgary, I really wanted to see Alex and the other girls. "Please fasten your seat belts we will be landing momentarily" barked the loud flight attendant. "There's so many of them" stated Shivani with a disgusted look on her face as we exited the plane terminal where we had security. Niall had a tight grip on my hand while he rushed us through the crowd, being as nice as the boys were signed as many autographs as they could before Paul pulled us away.

*20 MinuetsLater** 

By now we had reached the hotel where fans were screening our name… well their name. We pulled our way through and into the doors where we saw Alex and Louis waiting for us, Alex was perched in Louis's back quietly talking to him , then she spotted us. "Mush" she yelled at Louis pretending he was a sled dog. By now I was in hysterics laughing on the floor as Louis almost dropped Alex because he claimed she had to much muscle in her legs and he couldn't breath. "Fine" she huffed in a friendly way, then  ran over to Shivani, the only one actually still standing up because she was on her phone and didn't see any of what just happened she looked up just in time to see Alex hurdling towards her and 'BANG' they both hit the floor laughing. As Alex climbed back up, I was on my feet and walking towards her "Alyssa" she yelled and skipped towards me. "Has she been like this all day" I asked Louis. "Ya pretty much, I think it's because of her big win on Preet this morning" he stated blankly. "Well it might be but it's probably just Alex on a little spurt of energy, she gets those A LOT!" I said in between Alex's bursts of laughter. 


Niall's Pov 

I had been worried for Alyssa the past few days when she was home all alone and had nobody to keep her from going off of the tracks. I didn't want her to go back to her old ways cutting and starving herself. If it wasn't for Alex who yelled all night at her, forced her to eat and watched her all the time to get her  back on the right track, then she would still be in her old state. 

Shivani's Pov 

It was the night they had flown down for, the concert. As the boys started answering twitter questions I tuned out and started talking to Alex until I heard one question it was directed to Louis "can you bring Alex out" all of the girls knew that the fans liked Alex the best and Alyssa got the most hate. Louis ran off stage and grabbed Alex and ducked indicating for her to get on his shoulders "Louis Tomlinson you are crazy" she laughed throwing her head back. 

Louis Pov 

I could tell that the fans really liked Alex. I felt like for once I had done something right. Alex was sitting on my shoulders as we walked out, she was pumping her hands in the air and the crowd roared with laughter and cheering! Alex ended up falling off of my shoulders when she started laughing and threw her head back luckily Liam was standing right beside us and was able to quickly catch her. So we have a question for the lovely miss. Alex said Harry. "Does the age difference between you and   Louis change anything?" Ohhh I like this one commented Harry "oh SHUTUP Harry" barked Alex " well I dunno love does our age change anything?" She swung her head down so her face was upside down when we talked , the crowd roared with laughter as she had her hands resting on my toque. "No defiantly not!" "We'll there you have it folks 'NO!' it doesn't hangs anything" she said through her full grin. She pulled my red hat off and replaced it with her blue SnapBack, " I'll be the first to admit you look better in baby blue, well at least when your wearing your glasses" I chuckled. I had shifted Alex down to her being on my back and when I heard some girls scream "SHE'S ALSEEP" I looked behind me to find a sleeping Alex in my back. "Well thank you! She's been at a horse show for the past 4 days and needs some sleep" I joked " We will let Louis here run off and dump Alex on the couch And then we can play some games" stated Liam being all mature. 

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