Does Love Really Last

When three best friends meet three heart throb pop stars will it be love at first sight? Are these pop stars ready to let these girls into their hearts? Will this 'true love' last, through the pain, heart-break and obstacles that is thrown there way?


22. Broken heart with a side if broken bones

Good Idea... Backfired 

Its been a great day! When we got here we got everything out of the car and set it up. Then we decided to explore the place. We started with the shore. It was all sand. A few hermit crabs and a couple dead fish. 
Then we went to the forest. It was beautiful. There was a small clear pond type thing in the middle. The trees were easy to climb so Louis and Harry climbing to the top of the tallest tree and took pictures. It was spectacular!
As we walked to 'camp' we got into the conversation about are girlfriends. "I hope there OK. We kinda left unexpectedly." I point out. They all nod in agreement. 
We all look at Louis. "I thought we agreed to turn OFF our mobiles?" Niall says remembering our pack.
"It's Alex. Itll only go off when it's, Alex, Mom, Dad... Any of my family and Paul. Chill." Then he walks away.

Louis pov

"Louis!" Alex exhales 
"Ya love" I replied a little worries
"I have a problem, I fell off of Preet when we were jumping and I landed on my knee funny! I need you to take me to the hospital" 
"Okay okay calm down" I shushed her
"Thank you please hurry" she replied in tears. 

Harry's pov

Louis walked back with a worried expression on his face "what's up mate?" Zayn chimes. "Alex fell off of Preet and landed in her knee and is in a lot of pain" he said really quickly. "Okay okay calm down we can pack up and head to the barn, it's only about 5 minutes Away" said Liam in a calming voice. I was getting worried, Alex and I are like siblings I am very protective of her like the other boys are, but I feel like a have a special bond… like a brother sister bond.

Alex's Pov

Before I knew it I had been tossed from Preets back and was laying on my stomach in the arena. I had been coming to a nice and easy 4 foot oxer when Preet started to pull to the left side of the jump, normally I would be able to correct that by instinct but clearly not today. I sat on the ground with my leg outstretched it had swollen up and was incredibly painful! I had Preet's reins in my hands when I finally saw the boys pull into the driveway of the barn. 

Louis pov 

"Oh my god" was all Liam could say when he saw the size of her knee. Harry grabbed Preet and said that he would go and find one of the girls to put him away for us. "Ummm love I think it's broken?" I stammered she looked at me with sad eyes, I could tell she had been crying. "Ya think?" She genuinely questioned. "Ya it looks pretty swollen,'how does it feel?" Asked Niall as he kneeled down to take a look. "We'll it feels like we should get going to the hospital now" said Alex with a light grin. 

Liam's pov    
Louis proceeded to bring one arm behind Alex's back then moving his other arm towards her knees. Just barley touching them and Alex let out a yelp and tears rushed down her face. "Liam call an ambulance" barked Niall as he grabbed his phone to call the girls. 

Nialls pov

I had Alyssa and Shivani on the phone right now. Shivani was talking and Alyssa was all choked up. "Alyssa, babe you need to calm down" I whispered, "how do I calm down if my best friend is injured and laying on the ground!" She yelled back. "Okay Alyssa go into the kitchen and calm down, I will talk to Niall" shivani demanded. Just as we were in the middle of talking, I heard Louis yell "Alex, Alex! Look at me! Stay awake!" Just then I heard sirens coming from an approaching ambulance. 

Harry's pov 

I had just returned when I heard ambulance sirens, I picked up a jog and made my way over to everybody "What happened?" I questioned,  "I-I I went to pick her up and she started crying because her knee hurt so much, I managed to calm her down, but after that her eyes closed and  then the ambulance pulled up" Louis breathed through tears. By now the paramedics were flipping Alex onto a backboard and lifting her up. Louis jumped in the ambulance and told the rest of us to meet him at the hospital.

Louis pov 

We were all sitting in Alex's hospital room, she was just sleeping now three days after her fall. She had been sleeping for a day  but awoke the next day. She broke her knee, and 4 broken fingures. They said she will be released this afternoon which is great! We have a concert tonight, so as long as Alex is okay with it we will bring her along and she can sit backstage, we also have a few backstage passes that people won so we kinda have to go. Alex and Alyssa made up, I don't really know how but their weird like that. They can forgive each other over anything! "Morning Alex" I chimed as her eyes fluttered open. 
"Hey guys" she said in a sleepy tone. "How are you feeling today?" questioned Niall , "oh ya know I'm just laying here in pain" Alex giggled. "We'll on a better note , you can be released this afternoon!" Chimed Liam. "Really?" She questioned "ya you bet" said Harry In a very cherry voice. 

*2 hours later* 
"Alright miss. Evens you are free to go as soon as umm let me see here ah Mr. Tomlinson signs you out" said the nurse in a very cheery voice.

Liam's pov 
"Alright love here are your crutches, lets get a move on" said Louis in a soft comforting voice. Alex had a large blue brace running down the sides of her right leg, at the knee cap there is another brace. "I'm coming, I'm coming hold your horses" Alex barked back. Every one broke into chuckles. We were about to go through the revolving doors when we heard screems from thousands of fans out side. Louis placed one hand behind Alex's back to keep her safe, the rest of us crowded around Alex. "Guys just because I'm on crutches doesn't mean you can't stop to sign some autographs, I get that your famous and have a concert tonight that you haven't told me about, but I knew the whole time And I want to come" stated Alex. We all looked at each other looking for some help with what to say, "guys whatever you say is just going to make it worse, now lets go sign some autographs" Alex stated again. 

Alex's pov

I was in extreme pain but I didn't let it show or effect what I was doing. We walked out of the doors and the boys started to go different ways, I sticked with Louis and we signed autographs together. One girls asked me what happened and I told her that I fell off of my horse when I was jumping a 4 foot oxer she looked at me puzzled, I ride on the Great Britain team and we had a show down here then she asked for an autograph. We had reached the end of the mob and walked over to the van. Louis jumped in the front seat and I was about to hop to the back when Harry told me sternly to go sit in the front because I needed leg room. 

Shivani's pov 
I saw Alex and Louis climb out of the car, I was shocked by Alex's leg. I know that my dads a doctor and I've seen the casts on people but its totally different when it's on your best friend. I yelled for Alyssa and told her to get her self down her down here.  "Coming" Alyssa clambered down the stairs in some  blue high waisted shorts and a pink tanktop. *Ding Dong* 
Alex and Lou walked inside. "Oh my god are you okay Alex?" Questioned Alyssa "ya in fine, but I won't be able to ride for 6 months" Alex replied with a glum expression. "Hey you can still ride in the Olympics" I said trying to cheer Alex up. "We'll we best be off" chimed Louis. 

*2 hours later*

Liam's pov

The whole arena was high energy, it was insane! We had just finished our songs and we were playing games. Someone asked what happened to Alex, Louis beckoned Alex to join us and sure enough she hobbled onto the stage. The whole crowd sighed when they saw her. "Hello everybody"Alex yelled out, "so how are the boys performing tonight?" She questioned with a chuckle. That was the first time we had seen her with a REAL laugh since waking up. 

Louis pov 

I was starting to regret bringing Alex along, she looked like she was I a lot of pain as she walked out. I could tell that she was trying not to show it, but that didn't work very well. "So Alex care to tell everybody how you fell off" questioned Harry with a grin " uh well, I was riding my horse and we were doing a bunch of practice jumps when I felt my horse pulling to the left of the jump and normally I would be able to fix that asleep but today was not my good day! So anyways I came off and landed on my knee and broke it" Alex blankly stated. 

45 minutes later 

Nialls pov 

Alyssa and I had just had a big fight about fans, she  was telling me that they hate her and so does everybody else, I told her that it just takes a little getting used to. Then I wasn't expecting to hear this but Alyssa called it off. I was in tears as she stormed out if the arena and got a cab.

Alyssa's pov 

"Niall, I can't take it anymore! We are through!" I yelled. Everyone turned to look at us. Niall broke out in tears and I stormed off. I whistled for a taxis and drove back to the hotel. 
*10 minutes later*

I was all packed and ready. I jumped I the same taxi and we drive to the airport. I bought the fastest ticket back to the UK, I wanted to restart my whole life. I wanted a me job. I wanted a  new house. And most importantly I wanted a new life. 

Louis pov 
We all watched Alyssa storm out of the building, Niall tried to run after her but Zayn quickly told him to let her cool out. Alex walked over to Niall and gave him a hug. She told him the Alyssa wasn't the right girl and she didn't deserve him. 

2 hours later 

Liam's pov 

We walked into the hotel and we all walked our separate ways to our rooms. Louis and Alex walked into their room to see Shannon and Trevor making out up against the wall.

Louis pov

We were  casually walking into our room when we heard a bang. We both looked at each other puzzled but continued we opened the door to see Shannon and Trevor up against the wall making out, they hadn't heads us yet so I looked at Alex and she nodded. I knew what Alex was doing. It was all apart of the plan. She stalked towards me on her crutches and then stated at a faster pace making a Loud thump as my back hit the same wall next to them and Alex started to kiss my face and the. Before I knew it we were in a full out kissing session just like They were "um hey Alex" stammered Shannon with pink cheeks, "hey Shan, so what were you and Trevor doing?" asks Alex with a devilish  Grin on her face "I could ask you the same thing Al"  she replies with a cheeky grin. I was looking at Trevor, we had only  met a few times in the past week. I liked the guy, I thought he was really good for Shan. "OH MY GOD" yelled Shan "what, what happened" questioned Alex "what happened to your friggin' knee?" Stated Shan while covering her mouth. "Oh I was warming up over the four foot oxers out in the ring and Preet started getting really strong and pulling to the left and I fell off" Alex bluntly said. "Bu-bu but your the best with strong horses" Shan stammered "well not today" I could tell Alex was getting a little touchy with the subject. "So Trevor are you gonna share te room with the tree of us?" I asked "um ya u guess" he replied. "Okay well we have a big day tomorrow!" Yelled Alex "lots of classes tomorrow, I have a handling class that ill do" said Alex very quickly and with that she was off with a pair if pjs in her hand. "I don't think that's a good Idea, I think we should have her pull out" said Shan cautiously. " oh it's no use, I've already tried on the way over here" I stated "well why don't we try in the morning" asked Trevor "oh she will be even more headstrong then" Shannon stated. 

Alex's Pov 

*Next Day* 

I woke up to the sound of people movin around, "morning Alex" said a raspy voice from beside me. I tried to turn over to be struck with intense pain shooting up my leg, my broken knee was throbbing but I wouldn't let that stop me from showing this morning. "Morning, I have a class today, are you coming to watch?" I questioned  I clambered out of bed and grabbed my crutches. 

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