Does Love Really Last

When three best friends meet three heart throb pop stars will it be love at first sight? Are these pop stars ready to let these girls into their hearts? Will this 'true love' last, through the pain, heart-break and obstacles that is thrown there way?


13. Are We There Yet


I knocked on Alex's door. I looked at my reflection in the window. I was wearing a black suit with a red tie. Hmmmm, That looks funny. I yanked off the tie and stuffed in my pocket. Much better. I was pulled out my thoughts by giggling. I saw a figure on the other side of the window. I peered closely to see a girl laughing uncontrollably. She opened the door. "Checking yourself out I see?" She said through giggles. I blushed. "You saw that!?" 

"I'm not blind. I can see through the window."

Oops. "I'm Alyssa." Alyssa said reaching out a hand. I shook it "Louis."

"You must be looking for Alex? Or Ellie? Or Taylor? Or Shannon?" She asked deep in thought. "Guys! A guys here! Who's it for?!" Alyssa called behind her. At that moment, there came loud thumping from up stairs.

"It's Scott!" A girl call.

"No! Scott doesn't like you! Its Dave!" Someone else called.

"Shutup! Dave hates you and Scott loves me!" The first girl called. 

"No one likes either of you! I don't know if you noticed, but we found you on the streets. It's obviously Taran!" Right then three others guys walked up beside me. I gave them a friendly smile. "You new to this?" One of the guys asked. "Ya. Basically." I answered. "Scott." The guy said. "Louis." I replied shaking his hand. "Dave." I shook his hand. "Taran." The last guy said. I shook his hand and watched the stairs. So far, no one has been near the stairs. 

"I'ts Louis!" I heard Alex call.

"Obviously not! You've already gotten into a fight and it's been two weeks!" The third girl call.

Right then four girls came tumbling the stairs. Pushing, tripping, slapping.

"It's Louis!"

"It's Dave!"

"It's Scott!"

"It's Taran!"


A jumble of voices filled the room as we all watched. I looked to see Alyssa video taping. I chuckled.

The girls finally got to the bottom of the stairs. They straightened themselves up before quickly walking towards us. They tried to push and trip each other as they tried desperately to fix their clothes and hair. The four of them mumbled to each other before stopping infront of the door and looking up. "What!" They said in unison. The guys and I walked in to greet our date. "Hi Love."I said embracing Alex in a hug. "Hi!" She said returning it. "Who was here first?" She asked looking up at me. I look beside me to see the other girls staring at me. "Well," I started. "I was here first," Alex smiled and stuck her tongue at the others girls. They rolled there eyes. "but when you were up stairs the other lads came." I finished. "You were still here first though?" Alex asked.

"Yup!" "OK!" She said kissing me. Alex grabbed my hand and dragged me into the truck. "Ill be home before 4am!" Alex called to the other girls. "Same!" The girls replied in sync. We then drove off.


"Are we there yet?" Alex groaned. "You asked me that 2 minutes ago." I chuckled. "2 minutes! We could've gotten there in those two minutes!"

"No. We are not." I replied.

"How 'bout now?" She asked. I shook my head. "Now?" I didn't answer. "Louis! Answer me!"

"Now. Now we are here." I finally answered. "Really!?" She asked excitedly. "No. But we will be in a be in a couple minutes." She moaned again.


"Nobody does it like you-ooooo! You-oooo! You-ooooo!" Shivani and I sang as she tried desperately to teach me the moves of the dance. "I told you babe! I don't... Wait, let me correct that. I can't dance!" I told her for the hundredth time. "There must be some dance you can learn!" She complained. I shrugged. I just... can't dance. "Oh. My. God." Shivani said running into the mud room grabbing her coat and shoes. "What happened!?" I asked chasing her. 

"It's 8:05! We were supposed to be there by 8!"

"Oh shit! They're gonna kill me!" Shiv looked at me puzzled.

"I'm always late! They say 'be there by 6' Im there by 7." I explained as Varni chuckled. "Its not funny!" I whined. "N-no! I'its just fun-funny cuz' im always l-l-late t-to-too!" She managed out through fits of laughter. 

We laughed about stupid stuff until we reached the restaurant. We parked outside and looked at the time. 8:15. "Not bad." She said giving me a high-five. We jumped out the car and walked hand-in-hand towards the door. "You still haven't told me who you live with Varni." I said looking into her eyes.

"Well, because I'm always travelling for my comapny. They choose two people best people  in the company to do the travelling jobs. My friend Sam and I were chosen. We were going to move in together anyways and now that we travel together we thought it was the perfect idea." She explained to me. "Where's Sam now? I've never seen her." I asked confused.

"Her family moved to California. She didnt want to go so, thats why I said she could stay with me. Anyways... Her brothers really sick and so she's there. Probably staying there for a year. Already been for 6 months." 

"I catch your vibe." I said opening the door for her.

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