A One Direction Valentine

A girl Megan 18 like one direction and on valentines day goes to a special addition concert but will she soon fall in love with a band member or will they fall for her ....


1. One direction valentines day concert

It was valentines day i hated this day I'm always alone doing nothing. This year I decided to go to a one direction concert with my best friend Autumn. We got front row seats and back stage passes when the concert stared they sang I would, little things, kiss you, live while we're young, rock me, gotta be you ect. Then we went back stage after the show I saw the boys and looked down. Then I heard someone say what's wrong love. I looked up and it was harry I screamed inside then I said to him nothing really then while we took pics in one I noticed he kissed me and we both blushed. Autumn was talking to Niall they were flirting while Harry was flirting with me. Soon enough harry asked me would u like my number so we can text and maybe I can take u on a date I said sure and the same happened with autumn and Niall. So we exchanged numbers and they walked us out. Then two days later we got a text from Harry asking if me and autumn wanted to go on a double date with him and Niall. We did its was fun we talked and told each other about our selfs harry wanted me to sing I did and all of there mouths were wide open. Later we went to the park and then went back home I had so much fun.
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