Beautiful is my first movella so sorry if it is not that good, but this movella is about a 18 year old girl named Marcia who falls in love with her dad's apprentice.


2. the kiss



         Now 18 Marcia learned to hate her curls. She was brushing her hair when Zayn burst in, this was no surprise to her he always did that."Aren't you supposed to be with my dad?" Marcia asked."Aren't you supposed to be with your mom lets see... learning the dark arts?" Zayn said."Shut up." Marica said as she was doing her makeup."Hey, after our lessons wanna go out to the garden like old times?" Zayn asked after about 5 minutes of watching Marcia putting on her makeup."By old times you mean last week and sure."

                                           ~After both of their lessons~

         Zayn was closer to Marcia than usual.Somehow Marcia liked him being next to her. She liked Zayn, but she didn't know if Zayn liked her so she didn't dare to to ask him out.Zayn slowly reached out to hold her hand and she reached out for his hand.They walked with their hands held together for the rest of the walk until they arrived to the pond."I rember this place" Zayn whispered wanted to keep it quiet," all the memories." Marcia sat down on the log that they used to sit on and Zayn sat right by her. At that moment they looked into eachothers eyes and leaned in and kissed.







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